Just to see if I could, I took the fixed gear out on a moderately fast (18mph +/- for 25 flat miles, with occasional 20mph stretches) club ride last night. It was great! Even with a bit of a headwind I just got into the drops and kept going. It still amazes me how the fixed gear can be less tiring at speed because of the way the bike pushes your legs through the stroke. With my gearing of 48/15, 18mph is a nice cruising speed. I can soft pedal along seemingly forever as long as it's flat and there's not much of a wind.

Sometimes I worry that I will regret spending the bucks on my roadie, but then I get on it and realize, no, it's just another kind of fun. But fixed is a whole 'nother dimension, and not at all as difficult as I thought it would be.