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    Changes in riding?

    Must be the thought of a new bike but went out for my hill training this morning and a couple of startling observations came about. I forgot the I Pod but actually turned round and picked it up. It's got the music I like to listen to on it And has a range of cadence on it from Slog up the hills at 70 to find a lower gear and spin- 110. It is set up to give me about 80 cadence for the first 5 minutes then a warm up for 10 minutes of 110.

    Down for a coffee after 20 miles or so and just a lemon drizzle cake. Reason was for the next bit that was a 10%er that I have been trying out on multiple climbs. On the approach, cadence was running at around 70 in high gear and mashing in time to the music but just as I started- it went up to 100. Didn't think of it but I only have so many low gears on the bike but decided to try and keep to 100 up the hill. I did it. That was a shock but I did not fancy another trip up like that. So down to the bottom and find a more sensible bit of music. Can't remember the track but the cadence was more sensible this time. Only trouble was the first high speed in not a low enough gear had taken it out of me. Just as I was thinking of turning the I Pod off- the cadence changed to "These are the days of my life" by Queen. Boy was I glad, long slow mash and I made it again. That was enough for the day so it was back down to the cafe and another coffee and a rest- and another cake. It was crowded outside as the sun was shining and the temp was up in the high 70's. Found a table and seat and a couple of other cyclists joined me. Full roadies-you know the sort- 6' of muscle and sinew. and all the gear including the C.F. Bikes. A Trek and a Red thing- don't know what it was. Got talking and where have you been-Told them and that was where they were going. EXCEPT- they were taking the easy route up the Zig Zags and not straight up. I told them about the testing route but they had already done 15 miles and the zig zags were just going to finish the ride. Bl&&dy poseurs!!

    Then it was time to get some miles in on the flat but boy was I tired. Slow ride back but that damn I Pod had different ideas. Then it was time to try out riding in the drops- Something I have done occasionally but not for long. Back ache comes in. Not today though- Except for where I had to slow down in traffic- I was in the drops for the whole of the 10 miles back. Didn't find it uncomfortable- Had full control on the steering and the only awkward part was when I wanted to change up on the sora shifters. Had to go onto the hoods to do it.

    So getting ready for my climb tomorrow to give support to jppe. I have a hill I have only done on an MTB with lower gearing and this is a 20%er. The road only goes up to the top of the hill so would not be on a Roadies route. So believe me when I say- That I will know how JPPE is going to feel on his hard ride. Even if it is only for a fraction of the time that he will be riding.
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    I have a proposal: trade your IPod for DG's TV.

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