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    Small patch kit, one tire lever, small multi-tool with phillips head, flat blade, 4,5,6 mm hex. I also just started carrying the ritchey torque key for carbon parts (great little mini-torque wrench set at 5n), $20, and a cell phone. The only time I've needed more than that was once when my bottom bracket started to loosen up. An 8mm hex would have been useful, but it's not worth the weight for most rides.
    Oh I used to be disgusted and now I try to be amused. But since their wings have got rusted, you know, the angels wanna wear my red shoes. But when they told me 'bout their side of the bargain, that's when I knew that I could not refuse. And I won't get any older, now the angels wanna wear my red shoes.

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    Small Multi Tool
    Patch kit - both permanent and peel off
    I figure I can use a dollar bill for a boot
    Small Bottle of Chain Lube (not for me - for others squeaky chains!)
    Cell Phone
    Tire levers (although I usually just use my hands and good technique)
    Food as needed

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