This is a follow up to some questions in a bike buying thread from several months back. Sorry I didn't get around to posting this earlier.

We finally found a rear rack that fits my wife's Giant Suede ... the White Rock for $45 from Old Man Mountain.

The problem with mouting a rack on a Suede is that the seat is so far back and so close to the tire that there isn't enough room for the rack. There are no attachment points on the seat stays, and not enough room for a seat post attachment.

The OMM White Rock rack attaches to the brake bosses and is a perfect fit. Installation took 10 minutes. My wife is extremely happy with the setup.

Here is a photo of the mount, tho not on a Suede

You do need to get the long mounting bars from OMM. The long mounting bars come with extra long bolts to replace the Suede brake bolts. but you won't need the extra bolts. The Suede's original brake bolts are more than long enough.