Hi all,

I am 43 but figured this might be the best board to post this under.

I have two inguinal hernia repairs - the archaic invasive inpatient slice and staple method on the left side when I was 20, and the modern lapryscopic mesh repair on the right side about 4 years ago. My family is prone to hernias (dad had 'em, and Mom had em and as she is still kickin' at 87 had one re-repaired about 5 years ago).

Since the recent repair, i occasionally feel some slight pain, usually after lifting something (I avoid really heavy lifting but at work I may have to move a box weighing 20-30 pounds or so on occasion) or similar strenuous physical activity (nudge wink). Not painful enough to require ibuprofen, just tender.

I had a recent checkup (6 months or so) and all was well with the repairs.

Recently I started wearing orthotics due to fallen arches. While standing up to pedal on a recent ride I felt slight pain/discomfort on the right side. The last two weeks I have felt tenderness. I typically ride 50 miles/week, 12 mile round trips to work about 3-4 days and a ride of 10-30 miles on the weekend.

The difference in that ride was:
-new orthotics in cycling shoes
-wearing stiff-soled road shoes with clipless pedals (I usually use touring shoes and platforms for commute)
-Emulating Tour de France greyhounds by spinnning in circles and keeping knees in (again, I normally potato-mash piston pedal with knees fairly straight).

I am getting an appt. to get the hernia double-checked, but has anyone else experienced tenderness in a hernia repair area due to these changes and adjustments in riding?