Found a nice deal on Craiglist on Friday. A Gary Fisher "FREELOADER" Half bike for my grandson. Lightly used when I went to look at it. The had the spare spacers for the seatposts and that's all I need to see. The Bike was a little crusty and dirty with some light scuffs.

Noticed some rust on the stem so I decided to take it all apart to clean and check for lube. Most of the rust wiped right off. A little polish, some fresh grease and it all went back together. I guess the name "FREELOADER" is appropriate for this bike. The Chain ring has LITTLE wear, like NONE! Chain is perfect and the wheel was nice and true.

Finished with the polish and wax this morning and it looks like NEW! And for $65 bucks this was a STEAL! It is the exact same unit as the TREK's that we sell at the shop. I just have to get the little Hammerhead set up and go out for a ride now!

What a deal!