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Old 09-02-07, 11:54 PM   #1
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One bike or two?

Disregarding issues such as cost and storage space, what are your thoughts on having more than one bike (for purely recreational use)?

Is it logical to argue that by using one bike for everything, the body becomes "acclimatised" to the sorts of positions and stresses and strains it imposes?

Or is it more logical to have say a "comfort" style bike for cruising around the park when young family members come to visit and a road bike for "going places" (involving hills)?

Being able to choose the most suitable machine for a particular ride certainly sounds logical. Does stressing the body differently increase or decrease the chance of injury?
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See rules on N+1. 1 or 2 is never enough.
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Being able to choose the most suitable machine for a particular ride certainly sounds logical.

sure does!
thats why I have a bike for going fast on level/rolling pavement, a bike for climbing steep pavement and descending fast, a bike for dirt roads and trails, and a bike for hard technical mountain biking. I use all of tem, though use the mtb the least since moving to SE michigan. I'm keeping it though, for trips to steeper and harder terrain.

Does stressing the body differently increase or decrease the chance of injury. not sure what you mean, but riding the wrong bike for the task can sure make you uncomfortable, hurt, and cause injury, imo.
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Seven bikes or eight?
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Old 09-03-07, 06:24 AM   #5
just keep riding
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One more bike or two more?
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Old 09-03-07, 06:35 AM   #6
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I have a need for two bikes-- a and road bike. The road bike would be in teeny pieces if it took the abuse my must endure. If you are talking strictly street riding, I wouldn't mind having a drop bar road bike and a hybrid if I rode enough to justify it. For now, it's strictly drop bar for the road, if I were riding MUP's, would probably slap some smoother tires on the and go for it, as the tires on it now are way too knobby for anything but trail use.
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Old 09-03-07, 06:36 AM   #7
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Don't, under any circumstance, believe that logic will have much to do with how many bikes one should own. I can make the argument that by having four road bikes that I ride regularly, I can keep my body more flexible - as I must adapt to the position of each.

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Old 09-03-07, 06:43 AM   #8
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I hate to post it but 2 is not enough bike as most here have at least 2 steed. I am wishing for a 3rd bike for touring such as the Trek 520, LHT, Rockymountain Sherpa 30 and others and that would be for next year. It's not too early to wish and do comparative shopping.
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Old 09-03-07, 06:45 AM   #9
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For me, 4 seems to do the trick. However, with my Racing bike a couple years old, somewhere down the road, I will want a second racing bike.
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Old 09-03-07, 07:27 AM   #10
Muscle bike design spec
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My opinion is a closely guarded secret.
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At least three. Road, touring and a mountain set up for rail trails, with and xtra set of wheels and tires for off road excursions. Also a tandem and about ten others I dont ride.
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Old 09-03-07, 08:41 AM   #12
rebmeM roineS
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Originally Posted by maddmaxx View Post
See rules on N+1. 1 or 2 is never enough.
1 or 2 is enough if you are actively searching for #2 or #3.
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No, 2 bikes are far too few!

I've been at this since '68, and while I have sold several of my "used" bikes, at the moment I have seven.

1. Mercian Vincitore for touring, i.e. racks, triple crankset, steel tubing, 700 x 28 tires. Oh, and it does have fenders so it doubles as my "rain" bike.

2. Carbon Calfee Tetra Pro for double centuries (mostly). Compact crank, carbon components, Cane Creek (light but v.dependable) wheels.

3. Ti GT Edge, SRAM Force (also Compact crank) for long club rides and (not too steep) rides in the mountains.

4. Ti GT Edge, standard Shimano 9-Spd (53 x 39), light Shimano wheels, for fast club rides. Quite adequate for climbs that are neither too steep nor too long, which takes in most Orange County climbs.

5. GT Zaskar LE Mountain bike for off-road of any kind. Hardtail, so not really good for fast downhills but overall quite adequate.

6. Masi Gran Criterium, put out to pasture (kind of) as a single speed. This was my primary road bike in the late 70's to early 90's, now with most of its Campagnolo removed, it's my primary "Recovery Ride" bike, since the 42 x 16 gearing prevents any "too fast for recovery" riding.

7. '57 Hercules 3 Speed, with very tatty paint job, racks and kickstand (and Kryptonite lock) for rides to the grocery, bank, Post Office or other not-too-distant errands.

Plus, the only one limiting how many bikes you have is YOU! Oh, well, and maybe your wife or girlfriend. So don't be hesitant to buy another bike if it fills a (cycling) need your present bikes cannot.

Rick / OCRR
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Bike Junkie
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I have one road bike for me, plus two mountain bikes (hardtail and dually) plus a MUP bike. Then there's two bikes for son #1, Mountain and road. Then there's a bike for son #2. Of course, I have to have my classic Nishiki Ariel Cunningham design and I need a spare road bike....or 2 (two older Bianchi's). Then I have to have my older classics, a 84 Schwinn Traveler, an all original 83 Trek 560, a 83 Trek 400, a nearly new 85 Fuji Espree, a 87 Nishiki Custom Sport, a Peugeot U-08. Then there's my beater bike, an 87 Raleigh Record. And of course I need a rigid fork 96 Specialized Rockhopper cause you never know when and I need a rigid fork cruiser type bike, a 93 Bianchi Boardwalk. (EDIT: I forgot one, a 83 hand built Woodrup I'm restoring.)
Ok, I'll cut right to the number, 35 bikes ready to ride. (But I REALLY NEED #36).
Roccobike BF Official Thread Terminator
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Old 09-03-07, 11:22 AM   #15
Time for a change.
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OK Mountain bike and "Spare Mountain Bike- Road bike and "spare Road bike" and No "Spare" tandem as the first one cost's me enough to maintain. Then there are the projects- A Raleigh Pro racer and a Bianchi Road bike that are waiting for me to retire so I can work on them- Then there are the 2 Daughters bikes and the wifes- and I think there are another 3 floating around somewhere- But I think they are out on loan.
How long was I in the army? Five foot seven.

Spike Milligan
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Digital Gee
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I'm down to two from a high of seven and I've only been at this for two years. Must admit, I've been thinking about getting another (and I only have 850 miles on my latest acquisition). A touring bike might be fun.
2015 Sirrus Elite
2012 Masi Evoluzione

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Old 09-03-07, 12:40 PM   #17
Pedaled too far.
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Seems to me that the only real questions is how many bikes do you have room for? Currently, I have 4 in my apartment living room and one in storage across the street.

One is for commuting, one for long rides, one for parades, a beater just in case and my classic 10 speed.

You don't say what kind of bike you have now. If you want to get a comfort bike and all you will be doing is going for rides with family members it will probably be light duty enough that looking around at yard sales, thrift stores and used bike ads will be fine.

Specialized Hard Rock
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3 bikes: A Racing. A Sport Touring. A Go Anywhere-- does metrics, dirt trails, Starbucks, windtrainer.

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My other car is a bike
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We just bought our first bikes a month ago: a pair of Trek 7.2 FX bikes. I am already saving up for a road bike. Most people I know who are into a sport or hobby have multiple "tools." I work with a woman who has five cutting horses she rides competitively. My husband has six cameras. I also like to knit, and have sets of steel, bamboo, plastic, and ebony needles; each is good for different types of knitting. Or just to keep me from getting bored.

If you want validation for getting another bike or two, you've come to the right place!

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1.) MBT
2.) city bike
3.) road bike
4.) commuter bike
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Old 09-03-07, 01:56 PM   #21
der Rabe
Posts: n/a
Cyclocross rig for bad roads, fast trails, winter training, and the joy of speed.

Full suspension for when only the mountains will scratch the itch.

An old hard-tail for beatin' around the neighborhood.
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as I used to be
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I currently have two bikes. A Lemond Tourmalet triple, w/look pedals; and a Trek 7000 hybrid, w/Shimano 324 pedals, rear rack, and lights. I use the Trek for trips to the store, and any other trips where I want "walkable" shoes. The Lemond gets used for training, charity rides, and anything else where walkable shoes are unnecessary.

If I had a pile of money to spend on bikes, and the space for them, I'd do the following:
  • Trade in the Tourmalet for a Zurich, Victoire, or possibly a new Madone, as a fast century/group ride bike.
  • Trade in the Trek on a good touring bike, for errands, commuting, and maybe an occasional randonee.
  • Add a steel frame road bike, possibly a Cinelli Super Corsa (love those chrome lugs), as an all round training bike.
  • Add a good TT/Tri bike, just for fun.
  • Add a Redline 925 w/bullhorn bars, as a fixed-gear trainer/commuter/bad weather beater.
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Software for Cyclists
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Bikes: Trek 5200, Specialized MTB
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#1 is an '07 Trek Madone 5.5 SL - road bike for centuries and road racing.
#2 is a Leader Time Trial bike, for TT's, duathlons and triathlons
#3 is an older Specialized dual suspension Stumpjumper mountain bike
#4 is currently under construction - a Surly Long Haul Trucker that will be set up with triple crank, 35 mm tires and drop bars, to be used as an around town errand bike, and for commuting twice per week (Mondays and Fridays it will haul clothing and food to my office...the rest of the week I use bike #1 or #2).
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We kind of turned your thread into "how many bikes we have" . Back to your questions. If you want to cover some miles when riding you'll be happiest with a good quality road bike and if you are going to putz around with kids, family, etc. you will need a decent, maybe used hybrid or slick tired mountain bike. So yes, you need two for now, but If you are like many of the rest of us it is fun to try new or old ones and soon you will have a stable of bikes. I currently have 3, the wife has 2 and I am seriously considering a tandem, and I wouldn't mind having a touring bike, and so it goes.
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Retro Grouch 
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Two bikes of course.

Just don't leave them overnight in the same room because, as you'll note from the earlier responses, they tend to procreate.
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