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    My 20 mile loop...a photo essay (LONG) part 1

    So the wife and I were in attendance at a picnic on Labor Day when the
    conversation turned to cycling. When my bride mentioned that I'ld been
    riding 20 to 35 miles each morning (I've been on Vacation), everyone was
    in shock. "How could anyone do anything so boring, riding the same places
    for so long everyday?" Well, I couldn't explain what I enjoyed about my
    ride very well, so I took my camera out with me to chronical it with photos.

    The first two miles amble through quiet residential streets....

    ...and then enters the East entrance to this large parklike cemetary. Though it's
    only about 1/2 mile from the East to the West entrance, I often ride as much
    as two miles through out it's peaceful tree lined lanes....

    Once we roll out of the cemetary, we glide down more quiet residential
    streets and cut through the grounds of this church where as a teen I
    used to play the Guitar at Folk Masses every Sunday Morning...

    About six miles into the ride, we reach the south end of the bike trail
    along Interstate 390. It's about 5 miles long and is very seldom within
    earshot of the highway. The pond on the left is home to Blue Heron and
    ducks and is visible from several locations on the trail.....

    The pond drains through this babbling brook on the left of the trail...

    and past this High School sports field where there's plenty of after
    school sports to watch and enjoy....

    This meadow generally has several deer grazing in it in the early morning...

    As we continue, we enter what my daughter called the Deep Dark Woods...

    which empty out into this large town park. Many soccer matches to be seen here...

    This field is at the north end of the trail. It used to be a Corn Field...nothing
    but Golden Rod now....

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