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Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

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This 2

Been off the bike since Aug 10. After weeks of physical therapy, now chiropractic, I have been told to forget about any riding till spring, to avoid re-injury.
This year, I have ridden my age for the first time, then a metric century, then 192 miles over two days. I was really looking forward to some nice fall riding. This stinks....
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Ignore the doctor or buy a trike

Seriously, a trike might be the way to go - at least you'd be on the road. Mind you, I don't know what your problems are.

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Work with a Physical Therapist that understands your need for exercise. They can usually accommodate some form of exercise, perhaps not biking, but you don't want to lose your base aerobic capacity.
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So what was your ailment? We can't help you but we can sympathize, and it'll serve us as a warning.
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I feel your pain-literally! I did something to my lower back about a week ago and it is taking it's good old time getting better. I can walk without too much pain now, but I'm a ways off from being able to ride a bike yet. Been to a chiro, probably call a PT early Monday to see if maybe they might help. One week is enough for me-I'll go crazier if this lasts much longer!!!
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About 35 miles into a 45 mile ride (nine weeks ago today), I sat up to ride "no hands" to take a little break. As soon as I got up off the bars, it felt like somebody stabbed me in the back. More precisely, just below the neckline and about 3 inches to the outside of my spine. Lost feeling in most of my fingers on the right hand. Pain was not getting any better, so finally went to the doc. They did an MRI and found that I have three "collapsed" cervical discs. The typical riding position, with the head raised up to see forward, apparently is aggravating it, and in this case caused a pinched nerve. Now, after several weeks of physical therapy and chiropractic, he is telling me he doesn't want me on the bike till at least spring. The disc thing was not a result of riding. Apparently has been like that for some time. So there is nothing here to serve as a warning, other than "Don't get old."
One of the options I am considering at this time is a LWB recumbent. I just don't know if I can get one at an affordable price that will be suitable for the kind of riding I like to do. I usually do 23-25 relatively flat miles three times a week, then do anything from 40-75 miles on Saturdays. Those rides include some significant hills. The big thing is working up to the Pan Mass Challenge. Lots of hills, 112 miles the first day, 80 the second. This is a big thing for me, and I will find a way to ride it again next year.If it means ignoring the doctor, then so be it. I suppose I can always go back to physical therapy and chiropractic if I re-injure it.
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gone ride'n
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Pan Mass Challenge! That is an expensive ride. To be obligated to raise over $3000 plus come up with $160 of your own is a lot of work. It is a good cause and I personally would love to participate but I would not want to leave myself open for that kind of liability.

BTW - it's too bad about the pinched nerve, spinal issues are not to be taken lightly. Follow the doctors orders or find a new doc that will work with you.
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Geeezzz that really does suck. Can you do a really "fred" upright position? If not, it might be time to shop for the stigmatizing recumbent. It's gotta be better than not riding at all.
Good luck.
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Usually that kind of damage isn't just from positional issues, I had a a C5-6 fusion a couple of years agoand have mild herniations in every cervical join except that one now. You might need to consider a bike with more shock absorption then your curent ride to help mitigate the injury producing impacts, because I have no doubt your going to ride again but I also know from experience that the odds are very long on you ever being pain free again
I sympathize with your pain, I woke up on the recovery table after my fusion and my first words were "Oh my God that feels better!" And I'd have sworn they worked me over with 2x 4's while I was out! I haven't had a pain free day since but its livable thanks to the surgery and reminds me of how lucky I am.
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At least I have some time to work out my options. First option is to ride through it, but do some traction after every ride. Second option is the 'bent. I will have to do some test rides to see if there is anything out there that will do the trick for me, but still be affordable. I can't seem to find many used 'bents, so this will likely be an uphill struggle.
One of the doc's options is surgery. It is not currently one of my options tho.
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At this point, more riding on an upright bike sounds risky to me. Try a bent. Entry level is about $800 to $1500 new. Go under the knife as a last resort.
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