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    Tyres and heart monitor reality check

    I always used to ride with a heart monitor and used it as a training aid- but me and electronics don't seem to mix and after 4 of them have packed up on me- I stopped using them. However- over the last few months- I have had the feeling that I am not pushing myself into the "Fitness Training" zone so the bike rides may have been just turning the pedals. Yesterday- I got a good deal on a Polar monitor at my LBS and it is the CS300 model. A singing and dancing one with far more functions than I will ever need.

    Todays ride was with a friend of mine on his MTB complete with Knobblies and low gearing so Not really a good day to check how I was pushing myself on the Ride. I can tell you that I never got into the "Working" zone for the heart till we went up a stiff hill. That was when I left him- I have to climb hills at my pace- and got my self up to just under my Max heart rate that I use as a guide.Looks like I have to get out on a loner ride again to check things out.

    Now on the tyres.The other thing I got yesterday was a new 10 speed cassette for the training wheels that I currently have fitted to the Giant. The giant is now the "Winter" bike so on went the stock wheels. That means I had the trainer wheels and tyres on the Boreas for the first time today. Red tyres on a Gold bike look wierd but No problem. The Tyres I had fitted on the Boreas were Vrederstein Fortezza's. No problem with them but they have been wearing at an alarming rate. Only 600 miles and nearly worn out. On inspecting them after taking the wheels off- they also have a lot of graining on the wear area and a few cuts that I do not like the look off. The Trainer wheels have done around 1500 miles and the tyres are Michelin Pro Race 2's. No sign of wear whatsoever, no cuts and other than being dirty- still look like new. Did not feel any difference on the ride till I went down the Hill that I climbed on todays ride.

    This is a 15% hill and I always do it the same way. Roll over the top- no pedalling effort and get into the drops and freewheel all the way down. Now on the Giant with the PR2's- I have got to 42 mph. On the Boreas-with the Fortezza's- I get to 46. Today- Boreas with the PR2's and I did not think I was going too fast. Did not even think about touching the brakes on the curve that I normally drift out on and I put that down to a headwind slowing me down. Got home and checked the Computer and I got 48mph. Impressed- You bet I am. If I had pedalled at the top- I should have got 50 but the way the PR2's handled down that hill- I think I am up for some new tyres. I know I am because the Fortezza's have come to the end of their Life. With the PR2's having already proved that they last well and todays proof that they are confidence boosting to me with the better handling-I know what I will be getting- Unless any of you know better.

    Stats. Both sets of tyres are 700C 23. The wheels- The Boreas wheels are Ultegra and were rebuilt by my wheel builder and are perfect. The training wheels are 105 hubs- 36 spokes to Mavic CXP rims and hand built. Tyre pressure was what I always use of 140psi and the computer was the same as I have not set up the heart monitor speedo yet. The training wheels are heavier than the Ultegras but I would say are a bit stiffer laterally but are crossed X 2 spoking wheras the ultegras are Radially spoked.
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