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    Got Lucky! Got Bike!

    For the last few weeks I've been looking around for another bike. I was divided between a retro steel, traditional straight top-tube bike, or a C.F. "relaxed geometry" ride like the Specialized Roubaix. I'd been checking eBay, Craigslist, bike shops, etc. Heard good things about Gunnar steel frames, but what was I to do, head out to Wisconsin to buy one? Ah, no. The Roubaix is a nice bike, but I wasn't ready to spend a couple of grand for another bike, since I wanted to continue to enjoy the companionship and benefits of a married life.

    Then, just by chance, I dropped in a Craigslist site around Thanksgiving and found the near-pristine, size 59, 2002 LeMond Buenos Aires in the gorgeous candy apple red pictured below! I bought it for just over half of what it retailed for back in '02. Buyer interest in the bike was INTENSE, especially from around Seattle, but because I live closer to the seller, I was able to get there first! Got it! And now I get the fun of starting to tweak it with a new stem, cassette, and probably the seat.

    An upshot of this is that now I will be selling my '04 Buenos Aires. That's the year LeMond first produced its "blend" frame of carbon fiber and OX platinum steel. Try as I might to convince myself that the bike fit me (it's a size 57), switching out the stem to change angle and length, I finally just had to admit that the frame is too small. I enjoyed it while I had it but it just didn't quite feel right.

    So that's it! New bike, new ride! And, who knows, there may still be a Roubaix in my future (but keep that on the down-low).
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    Congratulations...sweet lookin' bike
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