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Old 12-04-07, 04:58 AM   #51
just keep riding
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Originally Posted by BlazingPedals View Post
"We???" Are you on the team?
Of course. I'm a fan. A vital part of any team.

Back on topic, the fastest colors are red and black.
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Road Fan
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The fastest color would be the one that's most aero AND most aggro.

Roado Fano
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Originally Posted by Terrierman View Post
When I google "Sage Green and Cream" I get a rug, a christmas tree and some hand cream. I guess that puts me out of the running for fastest color scheme on a bike huh.
I personally like the sage green and cream color scheme. I just redecorated a bathroom in those colors. Would you like to send me your bike to display there

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
-- Antonio Smith
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Vehicle colors should match the tradirional F1 national colors, before everything went to hell in 1968 or so. British Racing Green for British vehicles, silver for German, blue for French, red for Italian, white and blue for American, and white and red for Japanese. The perfornance of a vehicle is best when it has the appropriate national color. In the event of a car, it also sounds better.

(owner of silver German bike and silver German car)
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Old 12-04-07, 06:49 PM   #55
"older than dirt"
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Bianchi's Celeste green is by far the most adorable, but the fastest would go to black with a hint of deep purple at the curves.
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Old 12-04-07, 09:35 PM   #56
Wino Ryder
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Originally Posted by cccorlew View Post
Red. Clearly red. Even though I have a black bike, I know red is fastest.
I can close the case in two words: Ferrari Red.

I agree with this.

I know because I bought a pair of ferrari red Vittoria shoes and after my feet slipped out of them, while they were still clipped to the pedals, the bike really started hammering then.

crazy, man
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Old 12-05-07, 09:46 AM   #57
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Originally Posted by rideon7 View Post
Hmmm, and how many internet hits do you get for "Titanium rocket" if you do a search?

There are assertions and then there are supported assertions.
Internet hits, do not, an assertion make true! Moreover RED is a color that has been associated with bad men, and bad movies. Mao's Little Red Book,and Warren Beatty's "Reds". Therefore, even if red is a faster color, it is inherently tainted (or would that be tinted).

Oaky I will confess that did own a red Cannondale CAAD 6 a few years ago and it was fast. But I have seen the light (or absence of light - whatever) and moved up to titanium.
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Old 12-05-07, 09:58 AM   #58
Moar cowbell
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BLUE is hands-down the fastest. This was established some time ago on the MTB forum; nothing has changed since then.


Originally Posted by Mark Twain
"Don't argue with stupid people; they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."
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Old 12-06-07, 10:40 AM   #59
Cathedral City, CA
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Originally Posted by rideon7 View Post
This question might seem trivial, or even silly, but in the spirit of inspired independent research (and since I just acquired a red bike and have some time on my hands), I would like to assert that RED is the fastest color and the best color for a bike if one wants to go fast. My support:

It is widely reported that RED cars receive the greatest number of speeding tickets. Ergo, there is something about the color that increases one's speed. See:

An internet search for the terms "red rocket" returns 60,200 hits, compared to 57,500 for blue; 24,500 for yellow; and just 24,000 for white [sorry, D.G., and I'm not going to include the number of hits for "black rocket" because it doesn't support my argument].

The color red produces less thermal energy than other colors. Since cycling is all about efficient use of energy, this means that red wastes less energy, thermally speaking, resulting in greater energy channeled into speed [disclaimer: I am not a real scientist]. See:

Finally, Red is the "most emotionally intense color [and] stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing." [source:] In other words, red increases conditioning!

As a footnote, blue is the most "unpalatable" color, so if you want to lose weight, dye your food blue and put a blue lightbulb in your refrigerator.

Go with RED, it's the color to have if you want to ride FAST!
Actually I'm sort of partial to Invisilonium, but it's darned hard to find and you don't see it much these days...
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