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Thread: Back Again??

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    Back Again??

    That didn't last long. On the phone lines- A Drunk driver took out the Control box for the phones for my area last week. Telecoms hads had 6 people working 24hours a day ever since to replace the box- Going to be some insurance claim. Broadband and Internet working now but Can't phone out as we get wrong numbers. Can't understand this.

    Weather since thursday has been bad. very wet and very windy. Went out in the car on Sunday and 60 to 70mph winds about. Got home and no Electric.

    Not having a good time over here at present. But at least the bikes are being serviced.
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    Over here, the driver would probably sue because the box was in a dangerous (to him) position if anyone happended along who was drunk and out of control.

    Even worse......he might win.

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