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    Filthy day for a filthy ride.

    Weather here is atrocious with high winds and rain but I checked the Weather forecast and there was a couple of hours window for a couple of hours to be able to get to my LBS with only a 20mph headwind and a bit of rain. So out with the leggings and rest of the wet weather gear and I was going down by bike. Took the OCR as this has the lights set up on it and off I went.

    I must have been mad to trust the forecast. 5 miles from home and the rain came down. It flooded the road across the marshes and it is not enjoyable riding in 12" of water. The wet feet was OK due to the SealSkinz socks but the waves set up by the now 50mph headwind were a bit worrying. At least there were no cars about as first car in from each end got waterlooged and stopped- hence blocking the road.

    Got down to Eastbourne and I tried to get confirmation of the wind spead but no Flags up for me to check- Went to the Meteorologic post on the Seafront and that was where it was confirmed with wind strength at 50 mph and a few gusts well above that. So into the Shop and I got my Sealskinz Gloves ordered a few weeks ago. They are warm and are waterproof. Cup of Tea and a good chat and looked at a few bikes. They have a TCR Composite frame in my Size. Carbon Fibre and that thing is light. They also have a couple of OCR C2 bikes in and they look interesting. Chatted about a couple of things and I have a new bike coming. TCR C3 composite but there are a couple of things I have to keep quiet about on this Forum. It is Carbon Fibre and I am a Luddite and still believe that a frame should be made of Metal. This new fangled plastic that is Reinforced with a bit of Burnt tree has not really appealed to me. But A quick test ride on the Mechanics TCR C1 and I am upgrading the OCR. That ride is sweet. Not saying it is as good as Boreas but far better than the OCR. Plus the shop has a buyer for my OCR.

    The other problem is one that I took a lot of pondering on. The main colour is Black. Nothing spectacular in that but it has a white saddle to set off the frame highlight in the other colour. See- I cannot even name the other colour- So I just hope that all the Pundits are wrong and that a ***** section of the frame will not affect it.
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