Just on 18 months since I got my first road bike. For 6 months I still felt that I had made a mistake in going to the Dark side after 15 years of Mountain biking- But a couple of changes to the bike- and then a change of bike and I felt it was worth persevering with. Then just before Christmas I got a second good bike. That was when I started to realise how different bikes are. Two good bikes- set up very similar on set up so the ride position is virtually the same on the two. I can jump from bike to bike and feel comfortable.

But over the last few weeks- I have been trying to tweak the new bike up to the standard of the Boreas. Last sunday was a difficult ride in a strong wind and up up a couple of steep slopes. I actually found that I was riding in the drops more than any other position.- But the bars were not comfortable. My body can take riding with my head between my knees now but those bars were just too uncomfortable to grab hold off. Got the Ride quality better and the TCR does not feel as twitchy and nervous as it used to. All I have done is to drop the tyre pressure from 140psi- Which is my norm on the OCR and Boreas- Down to 120 psi. And I think I have the gear ratios set up to be able to do these hilly rides without straining the legs too much. (The lowest I can get of 50/34 and 12/27)

So tonight it was down to the bike shed and adjust those bars into a more comfortable position. I was riding with the top of the bars to the hoods- parrallel to the ground. I have just adjusted to set the angle down by a fair amount. Have to see if it works in practice- but sitting on the bike and it now feels natural. Proof is going to be on a ride but that is the next stage.

So gradually I am getting these road thingies to work for me. Or is it that I am getting used to them at long last. Either way- I can see a long summer of evening rides ahead of me now. Just trying to sort out the bike to get me up those hills a bit faster and easier than I am doing at present. AND I have to admit that I am getting a lot of help from my LBS. I ask a question and they have the solution. It may cost a bit but I am getting some remarkable deals out of them. Only thing is I got the TCR to replace the OCR as a beater bike. I am selling the OCR but I now have two good bike and still no Beater. Think I had better go back and talk to them about that Cervello frame they have in the backroom that is up for sale.