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    Dr. Evil Revs the Engines

    We have our first sanctioned race that we care about on March 9th which is the Berkeley Team Time Trial. It is 16 miles long and finishes 400 feet higher than it starts and features three climbs. We did this last year and hope to improve our time. So tonight, our prescribed training was 3 X 20 minute threshold intervals on the rollers with the magnetic resistance set to simulate a hill. It was brutal to do that on the trainer at LT. I had two fans blowing on me and it was barely enough. Our coach was very pleased with the power levels and recovery between intervals. This was tougher than climbing Mount Hamilton. Based upon the performance and recovery, he is revising our training targets.

    We have been in the program since the beginning of December 2007. We would highly recommend getting professionally supervised training. It is a lot of fun and we have learned a lot about ourselves and cycling and training.
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    Let me see if I have the sense of this: If you really punish yourself, someone gets to up the ante? Well, you are from California so I'm willing to defer to your expertise but...................................
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