The English must be mad- but on March 16th we have a thing called Sport Relief. Main idea is that you get sponsored to take part in one of the many 1 mile runs taking place all over the country. I am one of those that will never take part in a run of any description and it would appear that several Celebriies will not either.
One of the celebrities is a bout to finish his "Event" for sport relief. Steve Cracknell- one of our Olympic Rowers is about to finish his "Row the Channel- Ride through France and Spain to Gibraltar and then Swim the Straits of Gibraltar"

Yet another is an "EX" Soccer player and a TV presenter planning a 335 bike ride in 2 days. Alan Shearer does not ride a bike regularly but Adrian is a Club Cyclist and regularly rides long distances for fun

I have said I will not run- So I am getting involved on a Bike ride for the neighbours. Mainly the Kids that will be doing it but I have got them to shame their parents into coming too. 10 miles to the Sea down a MUP. Refreshments will be provided and we are arranging to have the Broom wagon down there for any that will have to drop out. Then 10 miles back up the MUP again.

We are charging 2 for the ride- and 5 for those that said they will come but don't. Problem is- I will be checking bikes over this weekend- just to make certain that the bikes will make it- And I have already had the requests in for bikes to borrow. I am going to be lucky as I am out on the Tandem. Is that Lucky or stupid.? The co-rider will be my neighbour who does not ride a bike- In fact- cannot ride a bike. Just hope she can balance.

Expected numbers at present stand at 28- half of which are kids- so I just hope they don't show mum and dad up too much.