The club ride scheduled for today was originally going to be 75 km for the short version. In my previous post I had expressed some trepidation about that distance so early in the season. Well it turned out that many others were a bit freaked by the distance so we ended up doing 40 km. We kept a moderate pace, about 25 km/h, although, when we were on a bike path section (deserted at this time of year), we had to slow down considerably to get around patches of snow and tree debris from beaver activity. As we got closer to home a couple of us went out faster to give our legs a bit of a workout.
We started at 9:00 am with a temperature of 6 C and ended with a temp of about 15 C - a little bit cool at the start, but comfortable enough at the end.

I did the ride on my new Trek Madone 5.2, and I gotta tell, it is the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden. I'm really starting to love that bike. On my first short ride a couple of weeks ago I felt really awkward on the bike, but with each passing ride on the bike it is becoming more and more an extension of my body.