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rustiewood@comc 05-03-08 05:17 PM

did i get screwed by my LBS!!? help!
today after two weeks of shopping and riding,i settled on a GIANT sedona dx,heres where it gets tricky,the bike i tested was a 2007 model,it was a 19 inch model.which meant the seat post was adjusted way up.after the test ride i went to another shop to test another bike ,didnt like it, so i settled on the giant. i called the giant dealer and asked him if he had the sedona in a 21 inch, he said yes.i then asked him wouldnt the 21 be better? that way i wouldnt have to extend the seatpost so far up,he said yes.i test rode the 21, like it. bought,s my beef,when i got home and looked thru the paper work ,i found that I had bought a 2006! not a 2007 or even a 2008! I thought i was buying a 2007.the dealer never told me it was a 2006.i wanted the 2007 because of the upgrades over the 2006 and 2008. 06 and 08 are about the same spec wise. should i complain? does it make that much difference? here are the spec,s you tell me, im still green. i paid 355.00! for a two year old bike! the same price as a new one.thanks

zonatandem 05-03-08 05:59 PM

You were to dumb o ask . . . 'is this a 2008?'
Don't ask/don't tell!

Tom Bombadil 05-03-08 06:10 PM

Most 2006 models have better components than their 2008 equivalents. Not true for all bikes, but I'd guess it is true for close to 90% of them. With the dollar growing weak, manufacturers have had to lower the specs to hit the same prices.

In comparing the '06 vs '07 Sedona DX, they look essentially identical to me. What is it that the '07 had that you feel is lacking on the '06?

The '08 has been downgraded from an 8-spd rear hub to a 7-spd, and uses a lower end cassette. I'd rather have the '06 than the '08, even at the same price.

Little Darwin 05-03-08 06:12 PM

Are the specs for a 2006 worse than a 2007???

Unless the bike is substantially different, then I wouldn't worry about the year of manufacture other than if they recall a certain year of bike.

Enjoy the bike, and don't sweat it.

ScrubJ 05-03-08 06:27 PM

My 06 Trek 7.3 is better equipped than an 08. You may actually have purchased a better bike.

BluesDawg 05-03-08 07:54 PM

I don't see much difference in the specs. If you had been looking at a 2007 and asked about a different size, they should have let you know they were showing you a 2006. But I don't see it as a huge deal. There's not much margin on a $355 bike. Maybe you can guilt them into a big discount on accessories.

maddmaxx 05-03-08 07:56 PM

Unless you are buying bicycles as an are buying the equipment best suited for you to ride. You said that the 21 fit better...............that would appear to make it a better bike.

There is very little trade in value for well ridden bicycles.

gcottay 05-03-08 08:39 PM

My approach to this would be simple.

If you are happy with the bike, keep it. If not, you have a good reason to take it back.

Since the shop did not tell you the year of the bike, I would not consider the sale in any way dishonest unless they are discounting other 2006 bikes more deeply than 2007s.

My gripe with the shop would be them being ready to sell you the 19 when the 21 fits you better.

The important thing, though, is that you get out and ride, ride, ride.

rustiewood@comc 05-03-08 08:53 PM


Originally Posted by zonatandem (Post 6631383)
You were to dumb o ask . . . 'is this a 2008?'
Don't ask/don't tell!

like im supposed to know he had 2006 left overs???:rolleyes: and i did ask if it was a 2007! im happy, im keeping it,after more research i think i got thr better bike.thanks

stapfam 05-04-08 12:43 AM

Point is that you were not buying an 08 bike at full price- Take it was discounted as an older model. Haven't looked at the specs on the years- but I doubt that other than colour- there would be no Downgrades on an 06 to an 07. In fact- due to pricing it could even be a better bike. But as gcottay- said- if the 21" fits better- Whey were they prepared to sell you a 19"?

jppe 05-04-08 07:17 AM


Originally Posted by rustiewood@comc (Post 6632209)
like im supposed to know he had 2006 left overs???:rolleyes: and i did ask if it was a 2007! im happy, im keeping it,after more research i think i got thr better bike.thanks

Sounds like its time to take the LBS some doughnuts......

Lost again 05-04-08 09:09 AM

I still think you might have got some other kind of discount.Bikes depreciate as fast or faster then cars. Would you pay 08 full price for a 06 car? I'd contact the LBS and let them know you are aware that you got less then what you paid for, but don't make to big of a deal out of it. That is a very small amount of money for an otherwise very good bike.

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