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I, too, recoil in horror at high end pedal and shoe prices, but I reached a point where I just couldn't hang with MTB shoes and SPD's any more. I'm running Nashbar Look knockoff pedals (<$50/pair) and Nike and Cannondale low to midrange shoes, also <$50/pair, bought from Craiglist (Nikes) and Nashbar using a 20% discount on top of an already discounted price. Way better than the MTB/SPD combo. Dunno why there aren't any Speedplay knockoffs--maybe they've got better lawyers.
There are no Speedplay knockoffs because Speedplay sues the bejesus out of anyone who's design is even close. Bebop survived but just.

The Nashbar Look stlyes are a great bargain and are made by Wellgo. If you look at Sampson pedals they are the same as the Nashbars at twice the price. Only thing about the Wellgo Lookalikes is that true Look Delta cleat do not really work very well with them. You may be able to clip in but may never get it out.