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Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

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Old 05-09-08, 09:32 AM   #1
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Over eaters annonymous. Hello, my name is Zucharelli.

Hello, my name is Zucharelli and I am a lardass. I may not look like one, but I will always be a lardass.

Two years ago I was living a sedentary life style, pizza, ice cream, cookies, chips, TV on the couch with a bag of Cheetos, winded when walking one flight of stairs.

One day, I got out of the shower, looked in the mirror and almost died. The FAT was disgusting, my member was hidden by rolls of lard. I could not look at the triple chin, I was a mess, disgusting and weighed in at 245 pound at 6'. My cholesterol was 230, I was on the verge of becoming diabetic, etc., etc. Most of my firends said I was a big guy, maybe so, but in my view I had become nothing but a fat lard ridden dude who needed to get a life.

I had wallowed in self pity far too long. My 40" pants were tight and the XL shirts barely fit and my shoes were even tight.

That morning as I looked in the mirror stark naked, disgusted and depressed there was something different, a glimmer of motivation has reared it's head. I don't know if it was really motivation or some deep rooted self preservation chemistry kicking in, but something took over and set the stage for a new outlook.

I began to look at what I was eating, well that was not too difficult and I was eating everything. I cut down portion size, and began to consume more healthy choices. I have to admit that part of the motivation came from friends who had started an office pool to see who lost the most weight within 30 days. I joined in and lost 12 pounds. At that point, I figured I would keep going but it became more and more difficult as the weight loss tapered off to just 1/2 pound per week and then sometimes less.

After a year, I was down to 218 pounds and became pretty impressed with myself. But I was still fat, still soft and still felt like a disgusting lardass.

One day, I was in town and saw a quaint bike shop. Hmm, I though that this might be a good form of exercise and I hated going to the gym and swore that I would never become a weight lifting brain damaged buffoon. So I purchased a road bike and began to ride. The first ride was barely 1 mile, I was winded, exhaused and my bottom was quite sore.

Over the next 12 months I rode and rode and began to become addicted to the fresh air, the time i had to clear my head and freedom of riding wherever I wanted. I continued to lose weight and eventually got to 205 pounds. The problem was that I was still flabby around the middle although my waist was now 34".

I signed up for a Century ride, jeez, 100 miles of torture, but what the heck it might be fun. On a whim, I hired a personal trainer and bagan to see him 3 days a week. I told the trainer that cyclist don't need developed upper bodies, just strong legs and core. He laughed at me and suggested that I let him do his job. Also, my weight loss had leveled off and I just could not lose weight at the 1800 calories a day I was eating. He explained to me that I was eating too little and starving my body into survival mode. My metabolism had slowed way down and my weight loss stabilized in an effort of self preservation.

We increased my caloric intake to 2100 calories with 18-20% fact. I began to work out with him three days a week. We did thrusts, squats, pushups and all sorts of exercises. Finally after a month we began to add light weight training. My weight increased by 6 pounds, I was pretty pissed. We talked and he said that is normal as my body began to buildi muscle.

Two months later, I had lost 4% body fat and inches, my clothes were loose but my weight was still teh same. Then all of a sudden, I was 3 pounds lighter, then 5, and then 10 pound slighter!

It has been over two years, I now weigh 195 pounds, my waist is almost 32" and my wife says I look amazing. I still want to weight 185 but the trainer says that is irrelevant. He is more concerned with body fact and out goal is to be in the mid to low teens. At 50 years old, I am told that the mid teens for body fat is ideal.

Mentally, I think I will always be a lardass. Everyone tells me that I am now fit, look great. my arms. legs, and body is "buff", and are pretty amazed at my transformation. My fear of regression to being a lardass if scary enough that I hope to never go back. The key has been healthy eating habits and lots of exercise. I have learned to love the soreness and pain that the gym provided, sick I know but it works.

Hello, my name is Zucharelli and I am a lardass.
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Pedaled too far.
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Welcome. You will probably find others with similar stories. Also be sure to check out the Clydesdale forum.
"He who serves all, best serves himself" Jack London

Originally Posted by Bjforrestal View Post
I don't care if you are on a unicycle, as long as you're not using a motor to get places you get props from me. We're here to support each other. Share ideas, and motivate one another to actually keep doing it.
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Welcome Zucharelli, and congratulations on your new self.
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Doesn't sound like you are a lardass now, now you are an inspiring story!
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Fantastic story! Thanks for sharing. Many of us have gone through similar transformations (me: thin / fat / thin again).

Since no good deed goes unpunished here in 50+, I do have to comment on this line in the story:

Originally Posted by Zucharelli View Post
That morning as I looked in the mirror stark naked, disgusted and depressed there was something different, a glimmer of motivation has reared its head.
With all that head-rearing going on, have you taken this forum's new Viagra poll?
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Welcome. An inspirational story, albeit a bit too informative here and there, but inspirational nonetheless.
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No Zucharelli,you are not a lardass, you are a star. You understand what makes us different. It had to be hard at 50. I had a similar story at 40. Torn rotator cuff, sedentary lifestyle, fat, basically looking like every other lazy American. I had been so concentrated on my job, I let myself go to pot.

A friend introduced me to a personal trainer who became a close personal friend and is also a riding partner. He started me riding, first a hybrid, then a road bike, then mountain bikes. I still work out with him twice weekly and will as long as I can. It is a lifestyle choice, not a luxury item. I have a gym at home also and use it too but it will not replace a good trainer.

You are not a lardass, you are a hero to those that can't or haven't made that commitment. It makes you a very impressive 50 year old. Kick as* as long as possible. Good Luck.
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gone ride'n
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Great story - many of us here are cydes who are in remission. Myself - fighting clydism since age 19 when I lost 70 lbs while in college and oing up and down ever since. The body fat number is impressive - I hit the low teens a few years back but sad no more. You are right on as far as the diet goes, you can starve yourself as a kid and it will work but being older I find it does not work, you need to eat to loose. Keep it up!
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Great story.

I also lift weights, walk, bicycle, swim.

I recently took a swimming lesson to get a little bit faster. We were discussing why I tend to sink in the water.

The instructor said I was "Very muscular," and that was part of the reason.

Hey, it made my day! (I am 68 years old).

Keep up the good work.

And, you didn't tell us about your bikes.
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Welcome, and let me give you a virtual handshake for a very difficult job well done. Since we don't have a handshake smiley, this one will do...

Eventually you will settle in to your new look and see yourself as the new person you now are. To help you not fall back, it would be a good idea to find a new description of yourself.

Case in point: Starting 40 years ago, I began slowly losing 50 pounds, at the rate of about 1 pound a month. That's right, a MONTH. Most people would give up and say it isn't working and either starve or revert back. But for the same reasons as you, I stuck with it by following a 1600 calories/day eating plan given to me by a registered dietitian and adding exercise to my daily routine. I wasn't a binge or compulsive over eater, I just ate more than I burned off. I allow myself an occasional treat, but those "treats" are no longer a daily indulgence. Now, I tell myself "I don't do that anymore". When there are cookies and snacks at work, I don't reach for them every time I pass by. I tell myself "I don't do that any more", and take just one, just occasionally. I don't eat half a dozen cookies at one time over the holidays... "I don't do that anymore". I now see myself as a person who doesn't do that, rather than the old person who is just biting the bullet and "trying" to resist. I also employ "one day at a time" thinking: At work, I resist the big cinnamon muffin today, saying "maybe tomorrow", and have a cup of steal cut oatmeal instead. I never have the muffin, but putting it off until tomorrow is much more realistic than saying I can never have it again. Or, I might say "only every other Friday". To me, that's what people who have never had a weight problem do -- they usually resist except for the occasional treat.

You're NOT a lard***, but you still see yourself that way. Let go of who you were and what you did, like water under the bridge it's gone. You're a new person now. Continue with your new lifestyle one day at a time.

About the calories: How did your trainer KNOW that you weren't eating enough at 1800 calories/day? Did he determine your caloric expenditure based on your level of activity and determine you weren't consuming enough fuel to support it? Or did he just figure a man your age and height should consume 2100 calories/day to exercise at your level?
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Welcome! Incredible story of getting your body into shape. Sounds like it's time to put the same energies into your self-image.
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There's a lot of truth in the "how do you see yourself". I was never hugely fat, but I was a chubby child, and I stayed "cuddly" for many many years. But a decade or so ago I started doing more fitness type things, eating better and scrapping that after-work beer (or two). cutting out the beer, mostly by forgetting to buy it. I still think of myself as well-built, but at the same time I am happy with my weight and don't really feel the need to change anything. The proof of the pudding is when I meet up with people I have not seen for years. And in the conversations with people who have only known me for the last few years and can't imagine that I ever was fat. Not only am I two dress sizes less than I was aged 16, I'm one shoe size smaller too.
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Photo's ?

Not on your life.....then everyone would know who I am.
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Originally Posted by TruF View Post
Welcome! Incredible story of getting your body into shape. Sounds like it's time to put the same energies into your self-image.
That is the funny part....I am a professional and own my own business. I am successful by every definition. I know I look good and I know that I am now healthy and ion great shaper. BUT, there is this little nagging voice that keeps telling me that I am still fat. My wife laughs and tells me that I have an easting disorder, perhaps in her jest she is right.....but seriously, I think that it is a deep rooted fear of ever going back and being so miserable.

I think that is the key, I was so unhappy with myself that the fear scares me to death.

Now I love myself and have a lot of self esteem.
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Great story and much like mine. I am a few inches shorter and was about 20 pounds heavier (quit weighing myself when I went over 250 and the scale broke) when I had my epiphany if you will. Size 44 down to a 36
and 190-195 lbs now but worry every day about "going back"

Keep up the good work and welcome to our happy (and sometimes dysfunctional) family.
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Let's do a Century
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Similar story here as well. I knew when the size 40" pants felt comfortable something had to give. I was able to drop 55 pounds and feel just great. Keep up the great work-if you want to lose more weight it shouldn't be a problem. Just calories in vs calories out.
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