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Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

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Old 05-10-08, 04:58 AM   #1
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Rib fractures

I went down last Saturday @ 20 mph during a 30 second sprint interval. It was #3 of what was supposed to be 5 such intervals! The road was wet ana I think I lost traction on my rear wheel. Landed on top of helmet and right shoulder.
The only major injury is 3 rib fractures near the spine. There is no displacement and I am hurting now . How long until I can train again!

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I did not have a fracture. But couple months back I feel while walking and in the night did not see a speed bump on a dark street. No fracture, but sore muscles. that alone kept me off the bike like three weeks. It hurt so, at first I thought I had fractured ribs.
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gone ride'n
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If they are just cracked and not fully broken then they will be painful for awhile (maybe 4 to 6 weeks). Check with the Doc but you can probably ride as long as you can breath well in a few weeks.
Your lucky you didn't break or dislocate a shoulder or worse yet - end up in a wheel chair. Somebody was looking out for you
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Ouch. My sympathies and best wishes on getting a go-ahead from your docs on getting back into training. I cracked a rib about 25 years ago and had intermittent pain for a couple of years. The upside was that, despite some pain, I was able to get back into physical activity (skiing, windsurfing, weights at that time) after a couple of weeks.
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rebmeM roineS
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As you have found out, nothing can be done to "fix" your ribs except letting them heal. Your discomfort level will likely drive your level of activity.
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Old 05-10-08, 09:04 AM   #6
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Let yourself heal. Rib breaks are painful (been there) Avoid hiccups and sneazes for awhile.
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Old 05-11-08, 02:20 AM   #7
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sneezes are the worst!
hanks all for the encouragement. I rode 10,000 miles the last 2 years without a crash. I am fortunate that it wasn't worse BUT am itching to ride!

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Old 05-11-08, 05:12 AM   #8
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I fractured 2 ribs a number of years back. You can go out and do what you want. The only thing that will hold you back is the pain. Boy does that sound encouraging. The pain should taper off over time at least mine did.
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Old 05-11-08, 05:22 AM   #9
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happened to me in January...give it at least 6 to 8 weeks... dont push it or they will never heal....
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Old 05-11-08, 06:17 AM   #10
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I did pretty much the same thing and it took me 4 months before I felt 100%, but I'm 67 years old. Good luck, I know exactly how you feel.
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Old 05-11-08, 07:20 AM   #11
Plays in traffic
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Eight years ago, someone fractured three of mine for me. Over the right kidney. It was a couple of months before I could move freely without wincing, about five years before I didn't get at least a twinge daily. Now it bothers me only when the weather is just right.
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Old 05-11-08, 09:32 AM   #12
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Sorry about the crash. The ribs will heal in about 4 weeks(the older I get the longer it takes to heal). You said that you landed on your helmet. Time to get a new one. You may not see any damage but the foam takes the impact on the inside where it is not visable, Hidden damage weakens the structure. If you fall again the helmet willnot do its job.
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Old 05-11-08, 12:59 PM   #13
Let's do a Century
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I've had the same crash as you've described but mine was caused but something different. I also had cracked ribs like you. Just listen to your body. You can ride now but you might want to go easy until there is less pain. It might even hurt now just to lean while you're riding. Acupuncture helped to heal me up a little quicker.

I still had some mild pain after about 4 weeks but nothing to keep me from riding as hard as I wanted.
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Old 05-11-08, 06:13 PM   #14
Fred E Fenders
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Wow, unfortunate! Take it easy and let your bod decide your activity level. Heal fast!
F Thomas

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."
Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
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Old 05-12-08, 06:38 PM   #15
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I fractured a couple of ribs a few years back and it took me a full 4 weeks before I could get back on the bike. The first week was the worst, had to be on Vicadin and Advil and sleep in the recliner, couldn't lay flat. Sleeping on a recliner for 4 weeks wasn't fun, especially when cats want to sleep with you. By the end of the second week you will feel a lot better. Just make sure you walk a lot, that will help keep you from getting stiff. Heal soon! Stay safe!
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Old 05-13-08, 01:39 PM   #16
Billy Bones
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Careful with RE-breaking ribs at the same spot. Apparently ribs that break several times in the same spot tend to leak fluid into the old thoracic cavity which being a closed system tends to crowd the lungs which the medical establishment will remind you (in the words of Gump), is "A Bad Thing". Trust me on this one.

Oh, and yes, just thinking about sneezing with busted ribs again makes me need a change of undies.
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Old 05-13-08, 10:20 PM   #17
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Must be something in the air. Went down or over the bars today due to my own stupidity and may have a broken collar bone. Have not been down in more than three years and this is painful. Only going maybe 10 mph. Can't imagin a crash like the pros have at 35mph.
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