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Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

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Old 05-12-08, 05:36 AM   #1
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Do you ride for the same reason? when you started out?

In other words, did you start for health, or gas prices, or the environment, and is that the reason you continue to ride?
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I started out because of the scarcity of parking spots. Today, I'm looking out at the huge parking lot just steps from my office. It's now mostly a fun and exercise thing, today.

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Old 05-12-08, 06:43 AM   #3
el padre
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Guess you could say I started riding as a kid...just cause it was fun, an I liked playing with the mechanics of the machine. I still am making my own bikes, not that many mind you, and fixing stuff on bikes. And the reason I ride now is exercize. I do some longer rides once ina while but mostly it is ten or so miles to get the heart moving so the blood can keep the arteries clean. That said I could ride more or should ride more but work sometimes puts a damper on that.
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It depends. When I first started riding a bike in about 3rd grade it was just a utility thing - a way to get around. Then it morphed into much longer trips less frequently and touring in the summer. By college I was riding for fun and exercise, but not that much. In the past 2 years (since I bought a pretty decent bike, finally) riding for me has been for fun and exercise, in equal parts. I like being outside.
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When I was in college and first started riding a lot, I rode because that was my transportation. After college, I rode for fun and fitnesss. Quit riding a while and started back in my mid-40s, mainly for fitness. Now I am back where I started -- riding for transportation since I started bike commuting a year ago. I still ride for fitness and recreation, but I get most of my rides and about half of my mileage from commuting to work.
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Old 05-12-08, 07:13 AM   #6
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I admire you folks who ride for all the "good" reasons - environment, health, etc. I ride for the same reason that I have ever since I was a kid. It's fun. 'course now I'm more aware of the good side effects, but if I didn't enjoy it I probably wouldn't do it.

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I ask because I started doing it again a couple of years ago for fitness, then got more serious about it a few months ago as a way to do something good for the environment. But now I find that I am having so much fun, I invent reasons to ride.
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I still ride for fun and exercise. Occasionally commute (like today and tomorrow) but that is more for fun and exercise too than to save gas.
It's all downhill from here. Except the parts that are uphill.
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I started cycling as a kid for fun and as a way to get around. In my mid twenties I re-started cycling for the exercise and social aspects. Now I do it for touring holidays plus the exercise. Although I find when I don't have a tour planned the amount I use the bike descreases quite a bit.
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Originally Posted by PrairieDog View Post when you started out?

Returned to riding last spring, wife said we needed a new interest. Actually we returned to a earlier shared interest, that we passed to the kids when younger, and slid away from as we got busier with the needs of life and involvement with grandkids.

This was to be an alternative to walks through the neighborhood, instead, we ride miles each evening, (great stress reliever/outlet), plan trips to other communities to check out paths and routes.

NO, the reason was just something to do, now it is an addiction. Fun and satisfying.
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Semper Fi USMC
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Always been for the enjoyment. As a child, a teenager and an adult. Even commutin to college was enjoyable. Now I ride with my wife, our daughter and her boyfriend, strictly for the enjoyment of getting out together.

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

I did not choose to have Parkinson's Disease, but I can choose to not allow it to control my life. Its all up to me to overcome the trials, adapt and overcome!
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I ride for fun and exercise. I sometimes ride for the competition but that is not a big thing. I also ride to admire scenery. It is probably exercise, fun, scenery, competition in that order.
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Cone Wrench
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Bicycles have been a part of my life since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, both for utility and fun. When I was a kid in the '50s, my friends and I rode our bikes to school and explored the neighbourhood. As a teenager in the '60s I still rode to school and my cousins and I would take off into the countryside and the dirt roads with our 3-speed (Sturmey-Archer) bikes. It was also basic transportation to and from the golf course where I spent most of summers.
Late teens and early twenties I had my little Honda 50 (You meet the nicest people...) and when that was stolen I went back to bicycles for fun and transportation.

For a while I worked as a reporter and photographer for a community newspaper and my bicycle was my main form of transportation in the non-winter months. During this time I also started bicycle touring and camping. For my vacation I would throw my bike on a train and head down to the Maritimes to cycle around Prince Edward Island or Nova Scotia, usually solo. I look back in wonder now at my tolerance for discomfort and the fact that I did all this with the most primitive equipment that I wouldn't dream of using today.

I met the woman who was to become my wife in a cycling/outdoor club and we did a Vancouver to Montreal cycle camping trip. After we were married we did lots of cycle tours and just plain fun cycling. She no longer cycles because of MS but I have continued to ride both for fun and transportation. I miss not having my wife to ride with anymore. On the upside, when I came home from my ride yesterday, there was a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Through my entire working life, it has never occurred to me to drive a car to work. I either bike or use public transportation. My attitude has always been that there is no way that I will use an expensive car to get to work unless the employer is going to compensate me for gas and depreciation.

In the past two years I've acquired a new mountain bike and a new road bike and the fun is starting all over again.
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As a kid I used the bike for transportation around town and to friends in neighboring communities.

As an adult it's always been for recreation and the health benefits. In the beginning it was on the local trails, then took to the roads and a few of the week-long supported tours.

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
-- Antonio Smith
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I came back to riding after joining a gym last August and spending time on the stationaries reminded me of how much fun cycling is. So I bought a bike. I ride for fun, and it happens to help with fitness. I ride for fitness and it happens to be fun.
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Old 05-12-08, 09:06 AM   #16
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No. When I started riding, a little over two years ago, it was for something to do. I had made a career change and suddenly had lots (relatively speaking) of time on my hands. So I was looking for something to do besides golf.
Then I got involved with the Jimmy Fund/Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and the rest is history. Now, the PMC has become the major focal point in my riding, as well as my life.

Here's one reason. I can be seen, very very briefly, in the clip...wearing a tan jacket and bright yellow baseball the part where they are talking about Coleman, the pedal partner for Team Perini.

I also have an individual pedal partner, Brett Hobson, age two.
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Old 05-12-08, 09:37 AM   #17
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I think fun would be the main reason I began riding as an adult.
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Old 05-12-08, 09:54 AM   #18
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I started riding regularly in about 1980. I wanted to get back into shape, and did not really enjoy running. That has not changed today (although I do run during the week now). I just added more reasons (or benefits) of cyling. One is riding weekly wiht my club. The fellowship makes for a great experience.
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Old 05-12-08, 09:57 AM   #19
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I started riding again because Malkin (wife/stoker) suggested that we participate in a charity ride on the gathering-dust-in-the-garage-tandem. It was a casual "OK" that has turned into a lifestyle. I ride now becasue she continues to suggest fabulous rides (and because it gives me an excuse to wax my legs, but that's another thread...).

2008 Red Co-Motion Speedster Co-pilot (Redster)
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2009 Surly Crosscheck (stoker's road bike)
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1970's Stella rebuilt as fixed-gear (captain's toy)
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Allegheny Jet 
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Like lmost everyone else I used my bike as transportation, as a kid, because our mom's did not have a second car like everybodys' does today. I started to ride a road bike in college when a broken ankle forced me to continue training for Track and Field by riding. When the same ankle turned against me, due to arthritis, in my mid 40's, I had to give up basketball, running and softball and took up riding. Riding has been my excersize for the past 12 years and has been my pathway to fitness. It gives me the freedom of movement that I don't have with my feet. Due my bad ankle I can't even walk more than a mile at a time but can ride for 100+ miles with no issues. I rode for years, mostly by myself, until my two son's graduated from college and began riding. We would ride together and I was holding them back from their sport. So, I got my new mojo last May, lost 40 lbs, started to ride on fast group rides, went to cycling fitness classes over the winter, and don't hold back my son's when we ride together. This year I began racing so I even get to be competitive again.
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Old 05-12-08, 10:00 AM   #21
Billy Bones
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1959 - 'Cause all the other raggazi were learning to ride,
1963 - To get around the town, school, church, and farms,
1965 - To get to small town work gigs,
(1968 to 1977 - Black Hole of Cycling wherein I was tied down by the small arms fire of this-and-that: jungle interlude, early career, and a new marriage)
1978 - A decade and a half of commuting.

1959 to 2008: Fun, exercise, mental therapy, exploration, and solitude.
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As a young lad, it was my only viable mode of transport.
I suppose, even though I wasn't overtly aware of it at the time, I did it because it was fun, too.

In my 20's-30's it was strictly for fun.

In my 50's it was for health and fitness but I chose cycling as my method because it was the only thing I knew would be enjoyable enough to sustain. I was right and still do it for those reasons
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Like most, I started riding as a kid for fun and never stopped. The health and fitness factors came into play only during the later years of my life.
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Old 05-12-08, 10:29 AM   #24
just keep riding
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No. It wouldn't go over too well with my wife if I still rode as a way to meet women.
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Jet Travis
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In an effort to protect his five kids from danger, my father took our bikes away when I was 11. It was devastating.

I bought a bike as soon as I moved out of the house and earned my own money and I've been making up for lost time ever since.
"Light it up, Popo." --Levi Leipheimer
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