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I lked this thread better when we were talking aout dog years. (and please don't start that photo color stuff again). Speaking of dog years, do small breeds normally live longer than big ones? The chart said that Australian Shepherds live 13 years. We have a miniature one that is 13 and seems pretty healthy but now I am beginning to worry about her.
Mini Aussies are so new that there isn't good data on it, but it looks like they're about the same as normal aussies. Worry about her enough to get annual geriatric vet visits, but beyond that she could until she's 18! I know an aussie that lived to be 18, and I know a full size German Shepherd that lived to 18, too. It's a crap shoot when it comes to individual dogs. I know a female 2.5 year old berner that just died because she ate a sock and bloated.