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    Found a new trail connection today

    Found a new trail connection today

    Our town is always adding more to our trail system.

    Today I found that the connecting link between two portions of a trail system has just been finished. This will give me another very nice 20 mile loop.

    Below is a link to a nice map of our town's open space and trail system (which is also connected to the hundreds of miles in the rest of the Denver metro area).

    The trails are green lines, the open space light green, and the parks dark green.

    The Reuter Hess Reservoir, in the lower left of the map, is being constructed now, and will be several thousand acres of water, trails and open space, all connected to the current trail system.

    The new connection I found today is on a small section of the Tallman Gulch Trail, lower right of the map, (just above the "llman Gul") which still shows on the map with dotted lines as a "future" trail.

    My house is 4 blocks east of the "C" (Private School) on the upper left side of the map.

    The Cherry Creek Regional Trail continues south beyond the map's borders about another 10 miles

    ALL of these trails are concrete 8 to 10 feet wide excellently maintained. There are very few street crossings. For example, once I leave my immediate neighborhood to get on the Regional Trail (neighborhood trails and about 2 blocks of residential streets), there are only 2 very minor street crossings between my home and the end of the Tallman Gulch Trail - 7 miles.
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