Last weekend after preparing since mid April I rode a metric centruy, this is the earlist I have push out for a long ride but I was ready. The ride was billed ad flat but when I printed out the altitude profile there was a 1000' climb at the 2/3 point. The ride went well and I averaged 16.5mph. I ran out of gas at about the 50 mile mark and suspect the speed would have been closer to 17 - excuses, excuses.

After traveling for work all week and then getting a head cold I ventured out yesterday for my favorite 30 mile ride. I was not pushing real hard because I had not been out for a week and still suffering from the head cold. Average speed was 17.1mph - my best speed on this ride was 17.6mph last year so I am getting back in shape. Every year the struggle is a little harder and the progress is slower. I still have 5 more lbs to loose to be back to where I was last year and that seems to be very stubborn this year, no change over the last month - frustrating.