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    Neither of us felt like a long bike ride. So we went yard saling on the bikes. We hit a couple yard sales and stopped at a bakery and did a 3 way split of a latte and a huge strawberry rhubarb turnover. This place is a class act and
    it was really good.

    We hit a couple more, and wound up near a friend's house. His wife had some virus or fungus eat part of her heart and they dropped out of sight for a couple years. You know how it is, you never get one piece of crap, you get a ****storm.

    We stopped and wound up catching up for over a hour. Turned out he'd read Charlie Wilson's War, and it was fun having somebody to talk to who had actually read it.

    After that it was about 1PM and we decided to head home and I grilled up some burgers. I had ordered The New Rules of Lifting and that was in the mail.
    So that will be my bedtime reading.

    Considering we were both feeling a bit under the weather at the day's start, this day was just what the Doc ordered.

    Maine can be a tough place to live. but every once in a while it uncorks
    a day that's just perfeck.

    Oh, I also reworked our August vacation a little. I was working on it with Claire, and a suggestion of hers put us within striking distance of
    one of the quaintest and prettiest towns in Maine. I have been wanting to spend some time there forever.

    Oh, perfeck? That's from Darling Buds of May, a wonderful old Brit show.
    Feel the Bern.

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    That is my kind of ride, slow and easy ...with pie. peace

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