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    Trek 7700 vs 7500 (cost diff. question)

    The main diff. seems to be the drivetrain.
    Shifters Shimano Deore LX, 9 speed
    Front Derailleur Shimano Deore LX
    Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore XT "Shadow"
    Crank Shimano Deore LX 48/36/26 w/chainguard
    Cassette SRAM PG970 11-32, 9 speed
    Pedals Shimano 324, single sided clipless
    Brakeset Shimano M431 w/Shimano LX levers

    Shifters Shimano Deore, 9 speed
    Front Derailleur Shimano Deore
    Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore
    Crank Shimano M443 Octalink 48/36/26
    Cassette SRAM PG950 11-32, 9 speed
    Pedals Alloy w/Kraton inserts
    Brakeset Shimano M421 w/Tektro levers, Kraton inserts, bell

    In everyday life for a casual rider that hopes once he gets in better shape to do some nice rides (I am thinking maybe 40-100 miles on a good day), but still not striking out for a New York to Calif. run is there much that can justify a +$350.00 difference in these two bikes.

    I test road a 7500 today, and liked it---LBS doesn't have a 7700 to ride so I am stuck in that regard.


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    As you note, they use different shifters, derailleurs, brakes, pedals, crankset, cassette, and chain.

    Most of these are upgrading from Shimano Deore-level components to Deore LX level. That's just one step up in the Shimano line, but it is a true step up. Most consider the LX components to be worth the cost of the upgrade for anyone who is going to use the bike a lot. But the standard Deore line is still good quality.

    The two wouldn't ride much different. You might like the more precise action of the brakes and shifters, or you may not even notice the difference. The LX line is used on a number of reasonably decent mountain bikes, so it is designed to take some abuse.

    It basically comes down to a price vs quality. I think both are decent values. Both are easily capable of 50+ mile rides.

    You might find that after you ride for 6-18 months, that you want something with better performance. This isn't uncommon for people who ride longer distances. To that end, you might want to check out the Trek FX line before you buy, as those bikes are lighter and have a more aggressive geometry. I really like the 7.6 FX. And if you like it but would rather have an adjustable stem like the 7500 does, then they can swap that for you.

    But if the FX isn't comfortable, then you might not ride much. So it is important to get a bike that you enjoy riding now and doesn't discourage you.

    I own a 2000 Trek 7600 and it has been a very good bike.
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    I own a Trek 7700. It is a fantastic bike. Very well made and functions flawlessly. I can't speak to a 7500, since I've never ridden one. I'm sure you can't go wrong with either bike. Both are a fairly significant jump up from the next model down in the line, the 7300.

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