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    What a difference a bike makes

    I've done most of my riding this year on either my '88 Trek 820 Mtn. bike
    which I've Geeked into a commuter and my '07 Sun EZ Sport which is a
    somewhat heavy long wheelbase recumbent cruiser. I enjoy both
    bikes a lot and they serve their purposes quite well.

    Yesterday I pulled the '91 Schwinn 354, an aluminum racing/road bike, off the
    garage wall and took it for a spin. WOW! It cut into the wind like a knife through
    butter. I was able to visit all the hills in my area, that I normally have to
    gear way down on, and remind them who was the boss. We, the bike and I,
    flew up those suckers. Once I got along the lakeshore with the wind at my back,
    we flew along the flats in excess of 20mph from Braddocks Bay all the way
    to the Genesee (about 5 miles).

    By the end of the 30 mile ride my wrists hurt, my thumbs hurt (damn arthritis),
    my neck was starting to get sore...but my spirits were soaring. If I only take
    that baby out once a year it will still be worth hanging onto it. This afternoon's
    ride (if there's time for one) will either be on the 'bent or my '01 Raleigh C-40
    hybrid...but no doubt I'll have flashbacks to yesterday's ride at least once during
    the day.

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    I rather enjoyed that wind yesterday too, once I got turned around and had it at my back. Only for me, it was on the Canalway going to work, and East Main St coming home.

    I take it you did Paddy Hill? I grew up on Latta Road and went to Paddy Hill Elementary School, at the top of Paddy Hill. Me and my trusty Schwinn. 24" wheels, Sturmey-Archer 3-speed, hand brakes and basket on the back.

    And thanks for planting the tune in my head. It finally got rid of one that's been hanging around for a week or more.


    What a diff'rnce a day makes,
    Twenty-four little hours,
    Now there's sun and there's flowers,
    Where there used to be rain...

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    Sounds like it was a great ride - you should ride it more often.

    I've been switching between the Trek 520 and the Madone. I love the difference between the two. I did take the 520 on a hilly ride last weekend to test it out before deciding which bike to take on XOBA. I've found they both perform equally well on hills so that makes the decision even tougher. Since it's a supported ride I will probably take the Madone and use the small handlebar bag I picked up at the LBS Monday.

    My trip around the neighborhood with the granddaugthers a few days ago was the first time I've had the mountain bike out this year. I think it will make a perfect tow vehicle for the child trailer. I know the 4 year old granddaughter certainly enjoyed it

    Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
    -- Antonio Smith

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