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    Fun with skate boarders.

    I'm a volunteer trail watch rider on a Rail Trail MUP. Last night I was doing the after closing sweep to check for anyone broke down on the trail and help them get back home or there car. I find two skate boarders trying to get home after staying too long at the skate board park. It's black as pitch and there feeling there way back home having no lights of any kind. I just let them hold my rear rack and towed them 3 miles to there neighborhood and street lighting. It was quite fun for all of us.
    At first they thought I was going to make trouble for them for being on the MUP after official closing time. In reality no one cares or enforces that closing time and I suggested they get a headlamp so they can see where there going and a red blinkie and clip it on a back pocket and stay at the skate board park until it closes at 10:00. They said COOL and thanked me for the tow home.
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    Way back when skateboards had steel wheels the boys in St. Petersburg, FL used to all gather on the only hill for miles to ride down the sidewalk. For real speed, one boy would volunteer to ride their bike. Then another boy would grab onto the bicycle, another boy would grab his other hand, someone else would grab the third boy's other hand and on till we have about 20 boys linked hand to hand in a long line. We called it a "Train".

    We'd speed down the hill together till someone hit a crack or wobbled on their board(half the boards were just a board nailed to two halves of a skate). Then everyone behind that person would crash, get up and beat the pulp out of the offender. I don't recall ever getting all the way down the hill sucessfully. Though the people in front of the "Train" did.

    I've never seen kids attempt it anywhere else.
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