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Thread: Back in 3 weeks

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    Back in 3 weeks

    It's TdF time again and Mrs S and I live by the VCR.
    Can't afford any spoilers so I guess I won't be checking in much until the smoke has cleared.
    Hmm.. then the Olympics start and then we head back to NY to see the folks so who knows if you'll ever see me again? Please, no, don't cry... I don't deserve it.

    Meanwhile, I got Mrs S out on the new MUP I discovered last Saturday.
    We did over 12 miles. I don't know that she's ever done 12 miles before
    Mrs S was quite thrilled especially after I explained to her why she wanted to be pushing a smaller gear.
    She even rolled downhill without trepidation.
    I'm so proud of her.
    Yes, I told her so.

    See ya'll later.
    '13 Felt Z3 - '08 Jamis Aurora Elite - ('07 Giant OCR C2)

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    See ya when we see ya, and enjoy yourself

    Must've been something in the air yesterday, maybe. I got Mrs. CW out too. Great to hear that Mrs. S enjoyed her ride

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    You guys both must have charm that women cannot resist. Perhaps some will rub off on the rest of us.

    Nah...not bloody likely.

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