"Pedaling For Alfie" is the name of the cross-country bicycle tour that both Scott Porbansky, and Kyle Rogers will be taking come July 25th. They will be leaving from the shore of Belmar, New Jersey and arrive at the coastline of Oregon. Their coast to coast trip is a benefit ride for a good friend of theirs, Alfred Orlando (Alfie). A little over a year ago Al was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Recently, it was found that Al actually had colon cancer. Al now as of 6-30-08 has passed away from this disease. As I mentioned, their ride is to help raise funds for Al's family. Al was a father of three children and a husband to his wonderful wife. Al was a former bicycle mechanic at the bike shop that Kyle and Scott both currently work at, Shrewsbury Bicycles. Seeing that bicycles are the common thread in our lives, we thought it would be best to ride ours in order to help a friend's family in need.

If you have any questions about our ride, our cause, or whatever else it may be please let us know.

There is paypal link on their myspace


They will be departing on July 25th at 10am in Ocean Grove, NJ. anyone is welcome to ride them off.