well, almost. The article is on the Paw Paw tunnel in Maryland, on the C & O Canal Towpath. I was in the right place at the right time to be interviewed. As for the reporter misspelling my last name, I'm used to it by this point.


"[NeilB]... pushed his mountain bike through the tunnel and stopped across the canal from the waterfall as Nichols finished snapping pictures. His left leg, swollen and oozing blood from a gash at the knee sustained in a fall the day before, slowed him during a trail ride that would end in Washington, D.C.

Somewhere along the way, he lost track of his cycling partner, Neil Fein, as they rode the trail on a journey to raise money for epilepsy research.... But [NeilB], proud of his role in their "Neils on Wheels" fundraising campaign, wouldn't stop to rest.

"We've raised about $1,000 so far. I'll make it the rest of the way," he said, adjusting the gauze falling away from his leg. "I'm looking to get to a nice campground, get some rest and regroup."

The print version of the article includes a photo of me. Here's a different photo from the day after the interview. BTW, I had more than just road rash; I'd unknowingly fractured a rib, which I rode on for two days before the pain got to be too much to tolerate.