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    Totally Different Ride

    Yesterday my wife actually wanted to go for a ride with me, which she never does, and she also doesn't ride much. So we decided to go to Yellowstone and ride the 15 miles from West Yellowstone to Madison Junction, have a picnic and ride back.

    So I took the clipless road pedals off my touring bike, put on the BMX platforms, panniers, seat bag, and front bag. I carried some food, backpacking stove bottle of wine and the like.

    Ride was great. It's a flat ride, and the lack of clips was no issue, my cadence was the same. Bike was too heavy, I'll take less stuff next time. The ride was 2x a long as anything wifey has done in the last many years, she did just great, we took it slow, even with a wicked headwind we averaged about 12 mph, which is not really bad for noodling riders. All in all a great ride, one that seemed to support the Grant Peterson utility and fun cycling idea. Depite it being over 90 F we had a wonderful ride.

    EDIT Oh yea, I wore Keen sandals for the ride, man are they comfortable!
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