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    Anyone know a guy with long grey hair that rides a green Waterford and is from Mass?

    we were on the last day of our vacation when another cyclist pulled up
    beside us. He had long hair and a beard, a Magellan GPS, a nice Waterford
    with brifters. He had front panniers, but not rear.

    Anyway, we have a nice conversation. He had a lot of miles to cover, and out slow
    pace didn't cut it, so he took off after a while. Later I wondered if he was a BF member.

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    No, but I'm an aging longhair with streaks of gray.

    Interestingly, today, while out for a ride before work, I happened upon an bearded gray longhair. I didn't catch the bike, but there was a Brooks saddle and a set of four bright yellow Ortleib panniers.

    I had pannier envy.

    Anyway, he was from somewhere on the coast of Oregon, heading for somewhere on the coast of New England. We had a nice ten-minute chat. Keep an eye out, he's coming your way!
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    Lucky for me, I work at a library and bike to work.

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