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    old pda holsters,

    I had a couple palm pilot nylon cover and a phone case collecting dust in my desk at home , so I put them to good use, I put my fold up tool kit and 3 tire removers in the palm case it has a neat belt hanger , and my tire patch kit in my cell phone cover it fit perfectly, they both have belt clips and I hang them from a Velcro belt on my handle bar tube, it looks pretty good and is real useful when you need tools or a patch, and I found a small pump on sale thats bracket fits under the water bottle holder so I am pretty near ready for anything short of being run over. I don't have a spare chain, my LBS has a mountian bile rider that claims he's broken chains comming down an incline under load..
    Yikes he must have been standing hard on them cranks..
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    I ride road and Mountain and in the 18 years of riding- I have only ever broken 2 chains. These were Dure Ace chains fitted to a mountain bike and They just do not stand up to MTB rigourous use. One was on the Tandem and it broke after two weeks use- 10 minutes into a 100 mile ride. The other was on an MTB and had not been fitted long. It went dry on a wet ride and started squeaking at me. Top of a long hill and it broke.

    So providing you have a sensible quality chain fitted then Chain breakage is not a common problem.
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