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Old 10-19-11, 10:05 AM   #51
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Originally Posted by maddmaxx View Post
For the next few weeks, it might be safer to ride at night here. Hunting season is in full swing. Since I live in the woods, near where I ride, hunting season was announced by the sounds last weekend of leterally hundreds of rounds of ammunition going off. I suspect that many of the "hunters" are more proficient at pumping the shotguns than aiming them. Based on the number of shots fired, I assume that there is no game left in my county....

This is the season for the brightest colors possible as yuppie america takes to the woods in search of their ancestrial roots. Pretty soon, it will snow and we will be safe again as they head for the slopes.
Shotguns are used mainly for bird hunting (dove, duck, quail, pheasant, etc). Birds come and go constantly, so multiple shots are required throughout the day. Big game hunting requires a rifle(can use a shotgun with a slug, but...). That type of hunting usually requires one shot. Deer are so plentiful here(read: multiple encounters with automobiles) that we are allowed up to 3 deer per day. A shot gun's reach with pellets is very limited, so don't fear being relatively close(outside 100 yards is mostly safe). A rifle on the other hand. Know what season it is and what type of gun is used and you can gauge your relative safety. Allow hunters to 'have their day in the sun'. We have all year to ride.
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I used to ride quite a bit at predawn.

I once rode predawn around Jekyl Island. Fortunately, I had a really powerful headlight on. I discovered three things. Jekyl Island has a very large deer population. Deer tend to act like "deer in the headlights". And deer are irresponsible and do not install reflectors.
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I rode last night for about two hours, in the night. Loved it, always have . I suppose it might be a "gender thing", as I have seen very, very few women riding night. Here in the Northeast, we have entered the realm of "the off season", since it now gets dark so quickly. Also, it might make it into the 70s during the day, but once that sun is gone, the temp. drops very fast. Ride anyway. I stick with the roads I am familiar with. Some things bear repeating:

-reflective material!

State laws on these two items vary, so check with your own state laws.

My headlight is a Busch and Mueller Ixon IQ. Very strong light, no battery bag, no proprietary batteries. 4 double A sized Nimh batteries provide the juice. The beauty of this light really comes out at this time of year.

So,,, Some parts of Suburban Boston are like a strange movie at night. No one is around, everyplace is closed. Very,,, surreal.

Of course, some of the best night riding is to be had during the sultry summer months, in the middle of the night. Don't believe it? You'll have to experience it for yourself.
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I love night ridding here in Arizona in the summer time. Of course it is cooler all be it in the 90's. I found that a good quality light on the helmet and one on the bar works best for me. I have the Magic shine's, and now that they have the battery thing solved I have no problem recommending them. If I were to use only one light for some reason then it would be mounted on the helmet for sure. Try it, you may just like it as much as I do. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by trackhub View Post

So,,, Some parts of Suburban Boston are like a strange movie at night. No one is around, everyplace is closed. Very,,, surreal.
Nah, that's not surreal. Riding the bikeways after dark during the Twin Cities' zombie pub crawl -- now that's surreal.
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Old 10-20-11, 10:04 AM   #56
Midlo Rider
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Went to Home Depot last weekend and in the Christmas tree light section found a string of 32 small white LED's. They were battery supplied (3 AA) and I am going to sew them into a safety vest for noght riding. They are either steady on, blinking or fading in and out. Hopefully others will be able to see me better with this on.
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