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    Tried out the Jamis again today

    Got a nice 8.5 mile try out on the bumpy, crumbling San Francisco pavement
    Had a chance to take it up a 3/4 mile 9% grade and -even better- down a 3/4 mile 9% grade.
    Much to my surprise, with a bottom bracket drop of 65.5mm, it was pretty darn rock-steady on the descent while remaining very responsive. It must have a pretty decent trail because the front wheel really wants to stay "on line". Not at all twitchy

    I also see now the allure of steel. It really soaks up vibration and bumps.
    A very smooth and comfortable ride... I could live with this bike.

    edit: Added a picture.
    '08 Jamis Aurora Elite
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    It would be interesting to test ride both the 2008 and 2009 Aurora Elites. The '08 has a carbon fork, the '09 has a cro-moly fork. See how much of that bump soaking is an aspect of the carbon fork. In some of the bikes I test rode, some of the carbon forks (but not all) made a big difference.
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