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    Sooner or later it all gets real...

    Real for me, anyway... guess I'm just feeling a little morose.

    Didn't ride on Thursday. Work.
    Couldn't make it yesterday, either. Work.
    Had a gig today so, nope, no ride again

    But last night it got real when I had dinner with some old co-workers, one of whom who has been fighting cancer for a couple of years now and goes in a Tuesday for some pretty serious surgery. He's a great guy and I'd sure like to see him get this to a happy conclusion. I hope there is one.
    I've lost so many over the years -some that I've loved dearly- and I've seen others come away victorious -again some that I've loved or love dearly- so, yeah, it's personal.

    Gotta go out tomorrow and start training for my Break Away From Cancer with George Hincapie on Feb. 8th.
    The ride is 25 miles but, with getting there and back (over hills I know only too well) it'll be closer to 40.

    Yes, it's a shameless plug for bucks. The minimum donation is $75
    I'll write the check myself if I have to -I've done it before and it's only $75 I'd waste in one of a 1000 different ways- but, please, click on the link below to donate if you're so inclined.
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