In the day, many years ago, in a land far away, I raced in the US and overseas. Lots of free equipment was always getting thrown at us and I remember the first set of clipless pedals I ever tried.

They were Mavics and I went down with those things so many times, I swore to never forsake my Campy pedals/clips/straps set up. That was probably around 1985 or so.

Up until about six months ago I was still strapped in until a fellow semi senior ex racer told me about some clipless pedals that were on the market, definitely not well known at all, but were the absolute easiest to get in and out of regardless of the situation.

I bought one pair and loved them!! I loved them so much I now have them on both of my road bikes and my cyclocross bike.

Now, I cannot imagine riding without having Bebop pedals on the bike. They are light, durable and entry/exit is a dream.