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    Holiday this week.

    Week off work to just relax and chillout. Lots of small jobs to do but I have decided not to use the car at all this week. Mainly because I drive too much at work- but I do not want to either.

    JPPE is doing a couple of hills today so I decided I would give him moral support and do a couple aswell. Had to order some wood for a few home jobs coming up so on the bike and up to the GOOD local supplier to order it. There I am ordering it- Helmet on head and cycling clothing and the final question was "Do you want to take it now" As it is 12ft lengths and would weigh a couple of hundred weight- I took advantage of the free delivery.

    But onto the ride. NO Stats as I forgot to restart the garmin- but reckon about 25 miles after the wood stop and about 1200 ft of short sharp hills. All except one- 400 ft of road that started gently and just kept getting steeper. That made me breath a bit hard and I was out of the saddle for a lot of it.

    Then I realised- I was not too far from a decent cafe so down for a coffee and a bun. No Bun because They had ones of the UK's austerity puddings. Bread pudding and you don't see it much nowadays. Old stale bread with plenty of dried fruit and cinnamon. Don't know if you have it but it is almost as good as PIE. Not quite but it does run it a close 2nd.

    I have no idea how JPPE felt on his ride- but I arranged this one to have a tailwind as much as possible. But after the cafe- I took a steady ride down the MUP and I never realised how many people are out getting exercise. Plenty of Mountain bikes- plenty of runners and plenty of dogs. Have to wash the bike down now with a disinfectant- I am beginning to dislike dogs- Or is it the owners.
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