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    Cardiac rehab and cycling

    I'm 59 and recovering from a heart attack in early march. I've got 4 stents and am currently wearing a "LifeVest" external defibrillator due to concerns about possible arrthythmias. This is a precaution, as I have had no arrthymias, so far.

    My latest scan has shown a much improved ejection fraction and I may be able to soon ditch the vest.

    My goal is to make a cycling comeback and participate in the MS 150 in October.

    Have any of you faced a similar situation? Any advice, comments are much appreciated.

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    Bypass in August 1999- and a 40 miler 12 weeks later that if I knew how hard it was going to be- I would have trained for it.

    Couple of pointers though. If you cannot ride at present- then get out for some stiff walks. Build the legs up even if you cannot get on a bike. AND Beta blockers. Take it you are on them and for safety- keep taking them. They will cut down your performance though and my solution was to take the BB the night before a ride- instead of in the morning. Helped the HR to get up a bit during the ride and straight after the ride- I took another one. If you do not have one now- get a heart monitor. Won't stop you having a heart attack if it is going to come on- but mentally will give you confidence.

    All of this will have to be in agreement with your doctor or physiotherapist but I was lucky. I was the first idiot they had come across that wanted to get out so soon and do some hard physical exercise so it was suck and see time. For me it worked.
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