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    Metric on two bikes.

    Had to go into work today- on my weeks holiday- and this is a week when I have decided not to use the car. Its only 33 miles so a chance to get in some milage. And If I felt like keeping the ride short- I could get a lift back with one of the drivers.

    But I got a driver to call in and pick up Boreas and take that into work. I would ride the TCR in and then Boreas home. Good idea- but I forgot to look at the wind forecast. 15 mph headwinds along the coast and most of the ride would be right by the sea.

    So 9 am I set off for work. It is not a hilly route with the only real slope being for the first 8 miles and that is all it is- a slope. Got to one of my customers at about 7 miles and stopped for a fill of the water bottle as I had forgotten to fill it. Then made my usual mistake of not restarting the garmin after a stop. I will have to change the setting soon- or get a better memory. Then I hit the coast road. that head wind slowed me right up. Good job I had the flat route. Got into work and sorted the problem that specifically needed me to correct- two signatures and that was it- At least I got a days extra holiday out of them- and breakfast. All it had cost me was a bit of sweat going into a headwind I had not expected and that was all. I was going to get a ride in today in any case- The going into work just made it a bit longer.

    So pick up Boreas and I would be on my way. Hold on- where's the driver? It had taken me 2 hrs 35 minutes to get into work- and the driver only had a couple of deliveries to do and he should have been back well before me. It was now 12.30 and I wanted to get home. Just started back and the driver turned up- So I could ride the two bikes on one ride. Changed bikes- and did not forget to change the now full water bottle.

    But I did forget to switch on the Bloody Garmin again. Remembered to do it 2 hrs 5 minutes later when I got home. That tailwind was good as I did exactly the same route home. And as you can see by the gradient graph- this was a very flat ride- even the climb in the first 8 miles or so is very gradual. just a couple of very short sharp peaks but I am only talking 100yards max on those.

    But for my first Metric of the year- I think I needed a flat ride- particularly with that headwind. 4 hrs 40 for just over 67 miles (about 2 mile estimate for when I did not have the garmin switched on) And I should be pleased- I am but I shall have to get some more training in- Headwinds have the same effect as hills- and that hurt today.

    So the Attachment is for the ride to work. Next time I do it- I want a no wind day. The ride back may have been good- but into a 15mph for about 20 miles was not very enjoyable
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