Well up here in Upstate NY it has finally come. Today was a glorious end to a 3 day weekend, I have been so needing a little extra time off! The plan this weekend was for me to ride my bike up to the Adirondacks on Sat - hang out, do some major faffing about and then ride home today. Well Sat was stormy in the AM I rode up in the car with my wife and racked the bike on the back of the car. We had a great time - decompressed, looked in a bunch of shops and just relaxed. But today I got my ride in - I rode home. What was supposed to be a 150 mile weekend was only 75 miles but it was a glorious 75.

The ride starts out in the little town of North Creek and follows the Hudson river all the way to Corinth which is the 1/2 way point. The Hudson is mostly rapids for the first 25 miles of this ride. The roads are mostly quite and when they are not there are wide shoulders. The temp started at 60 degrees, clear skys and low humidity, it only got up to the low 70s at the peak of the day. Perfect weather!
My plan was not to push for speed this ride, to take it easy. I planned 3 stops, the first by a bridge crossing Stony Creek (no store - just a pretty place), the second at Stewarts shop in Corinth for water and lunch and the third by a horse farm North of Burnt Hills each evenly space. At the first and third stops I took in a trail mix bar and a Guu and at the second, I bought a sandwich and refilled the water bottles and the Hydration pack. It worked perfectly - no bonking - good energy throughout the ride.

I started doing this ride (both ways) last summer - I did it twice. It really is one of my favorites now. Really a good length. Last summer when I did it I tried to see how fast I could go. This time it was just having a good time. My time was good anyway and I did not feel like chopped liver when I got home - I think I am going to rethink this speed thing...

I will do this ride at least two more times this year - hopefully in both directions. Our vacation is 4th of July and we usually also go up again on Labor day. The Adirondacks has incredible cycling. This weekend I saw quite a few folks on tour - fully loaded. The rafters, kyakers and canoers were out on the river. Now that the weather has changed I can hardly wait!