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    You've seen these before

    Sort of... Same spot, different day.
    Here on the San Francisco/Peninsula coast, you never know what each day will bring.

    Took the Jamis out today for an easy day out -just a "get outside, get some air, clear my head" kind of ride.
    Often, I'll leave my chest strap at home because... well, because I won't be working hard enough to care.
    But -stupid me- I ended up leaving the whole darn computer behind. I was riding NAKED!

    No clock, no speedometer, no odometer... totally free miles where I just went by how I feel. I felt great!
    Man, I was out riding Le Tour in my mind (still running 2-3 days behind so no spoilers, please)

    So here's a look north, up the coast toward the Golden Gate and the Marin Headlands (my next goal)

    And south, down the coast

    And a closer look. Check out the guy standing on top. Look right above his head
    This is a popular local spot to fly radio control gliders.
    I just sat there and watched him for a while as the glider looped de looped de looped de looped.
    He's 100 feet up. What if that thing hit the side of the cliff?

    Here's a look back up the sandstone bluffs behind me. Are those homes up there? Yep.
    Great view.
    Could be trouble for them, though.
    Right behind that red diagonal patch of iceplant you see at the lower right, it drops off...
    This is where the San Andreas Fault runs into the Pacific. Yeow!
    In 1958, we had a 5.9 3 miles out from here. Scared me for life Seriously.
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    Always love your pictures. Wish we lived a little closer to the coast. I would like to ride the Marin Headlands too. Have made many car trips all along that area and I never tire of the view.
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