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Thread: Wrong turn

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    Right Turn, Wrong turn

    Some rides are just "Picture Perfect", real "Kodak Moments" if you know what I mean. Other rides are more like the worst of the Gong Show. The other day the entire area was enjoying our first real day of Summer. The sun shone brightly, the temperature tickled the low 80's and the winds were warm gentle breezes.

    First the "Kodak Moment".....
    Every where I turned there were people on bikes. As I cruised by the beach the area was filled with sun worshipers and bathers and picnicers. Folks were lined up to buy ice cream and to buy hot dogs. Then suddenly my eyes beheld a pure vision. The model and make of the bike is not really important as they're all fine mechanical devises (O.K., it was a Rans LWB), but it was the paint job that stopped me in my tracks. It was a Ruby Red with metal flake and it just glistened in the bright sunlight. That shiney red bike will be in my memory bank for a long, long time.

    Now, the "Gong Show"....
    Unfortunately I also witnessed the shocker of my year during the same ride. Without going into great detail lets just say it involved a pair of these,,, and an elderly gent in a Speedo. That vision is stuck in my mind too. Oh well, he probably got a laugh out of spying the grey bearded fat old geyser on the funny looking bike so, I guess we're even.
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    Those look cool - scarey but cool
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