I'm making a few changes to my Specialized Roubaix which I built up a couple of years ago.

On the front end, last week I replaced the Deda Newton handlebar with a Ritchey Logic Pro (same bar I have on my LeMond Buenos Aires--tried something new, the Deda, and it didn't appeal to me). Very nice change.

Today I disassembled and retorqued the bottom bracket. I have a Hollowtech II compact double. Whenever I ride, starting right at about 15 miles, with every pedal revolution comes a tick-tick-tick sound (one tick per revolution). On yesterday's 45-mile ride, it turned into a tick-tick, tick-tick, tick-tick (two ticks per revolution--double for my money!). Couldn't take it anymore. I think the retorquing will fix the problem, as it did on a previous bike, a Specialized Sirrus I had. (Haven't ridden 15 miles yet after I did the work so not sure yet). If not, I'll dig deeper.

The last thing I need to do on the Roubaix is switch from the compact double to a triple. Okay, I tried the double but it just isn't me. I have a triple on the LeMond and it meets my every need. I'll save this last change for an over-the-winter job, though. It involves a lot of components (front derailleur, triple crank, new chain and probably new rear derailler--go from short cage to long cage), and that means quite a few dollars more.