OT Today I braved one of the local blackberry jungles(No,not that infernal device)and picked a bucket of ripe delicious blackberries.Dropped off some to the wife of a friend who is going to make/bake a couple of pies for supper to which I am invited to partake of.The rest I just finished making into jam for my morning toast through out the winter.Of course there was that little bit that doesn't make a full jarfull which will be sampled in the morn. The sixteen jars of blackberry will sit nicely on the shelf with the apricot,cherry,plum,and of course,blueberry jams which I have made in the last few weeks,still to come some red and yellow raspberry jams. Busy little boy that I've been I've deglected the bicycle while being busy in the kitchen but it will be worth it.Also almost have enough blueberries in the fridge to drop some off to my friend's wife to turn into a pie sometime later this week. Lucky me.