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Old 09-07-09, 05:32 PM   #1
cranky old dude
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A perfect season so far.....slightly O.T. (but there's pictures)

What a great season this has been.

Spring was sunny and bright which is a 'Special Treat' here on the North Coast. Winter ended early which was an added blessing. Now of course it wasn't perfect as we had more wind than I can ever remember having, but I was able to get an early start on my recreational riding just the same.

Summer was very slow to come around and very, very wet. I don't like heat so there was a plus right there and my days off from work often occured on the one nice day of any given week...dumb luck, but I'll take it. Around mid-August Summer became more normal. The skies dried out, the temps. warmed up and the sun came back. I managed to log (an incredible for me) 2000 miles during the three month period of June thru August.

Now my bride has been very patient with me and has not complaind (within my earshot) about my putting my riding as my #1 priority over household chores. Now it's time to even up the score so to speak. We've spent the last week working outside on our old, rotting, dilapitated stockade fence. I've curtailed all riding untill this project is complete.

Notice the propped up fence posts in the background. They broke last February.

That's not my Bride, it's our oldest daughter home for a visit last May.

So we have purchased two new posts and we have finally taken down the braces and pulled the rotted out posts from the ground. Not an easy job as they were 4 1/2 feet deep.

Yes that is a chain and an old Bumper Jack. Why use one's back when there are convenient tools just lying around?

The fencing isn't in much better shape.....

So far the new posts are in place...

And the fencing is almost all stained and ready for installation...

The weather has been and is predicted to remain perfect for doing this job. The timing couldn't have been better...a long summer and spring of riding and now great weather to fix our fence...all 100' of it.

You can rest assured that as soon as this project is complete I'm jumping on the Tour Easy and taking a much deserved long 'Ice Cream Ride'!!!
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Old 09-07-09, 05:52 PM   #2
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Wowzers, Crankster! You really take your fencing seriously.

Glad to hear you cycling season was such a success.
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Old 09-08-09, 08:56 AM   #3
Cone Wrench
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As long as you had the hole dug, why not drop in a form and pour cement around the posts? It's more work now, but the posts will last until Andromeda collides with our galaxy several trillion years from now.
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Old 09-08-09, 10:31 AM   #4
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Hey. Propped up posts look fine to me. Why was it that you needed to replace the fencing?
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Old 09-08-09, 10:37 AM   #5
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An easier method is to dig down on both sides and put a new 4x4 in the ground on each side of the old post.

Make the posts about 3' high, or a little higher than the first set of runners.

Put in a couple of 2x4 runners that span new post to new post. Use long screws and secure both of the new stub posts and the old post into one unit. Fixed.
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Old 09-08-09, 01:26 PM   #6
Time for a change.
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That grass needs some TLC by the way.

Winds have been my bugbear this year and it has made some rides very short.

And A good tip that is just a bit too late.

And on the fencing- All our posts are in concrete and as they have started breaking (After 20 odd years in the ground) I had the problem of digging out an old post 3ft deep in concrete. No I didn't!!! I cut the first panel in half down to 3ft And put the post in 3 ft from the corner post in a fresh new hole. Then 6Ft away for the next post- with no concrete to break up or get rid off.

Saved me a lot work in breaking up the old concrete and firming up the ground with "EXTRA" new concrete that was not necessary.

And don't know what is the other side of the fence- but offer to put in a nice beech hedge for your neighbour to hide the fence. The Hedge only needs cutting twice a year, but the neighbour will do that as it is in his garden, and will help keep the fence upright and protected in high winds.
How long was I in the army? Five foot seven.

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I've applied this mantra to household chores. Works out well in retirement Nice job, cranky.
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Old 09-08-09, 02:01 PM   #8
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Originally Posted by cranky old dude View Post
I've curtailed all riding untill this project is complete.
Please refrain from using that kind of language on this forum.

A better version would be, "Half way through, I realized I was missing some nice riding days, and I decided the fence could wait until Spring."
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Old 09-09-09, 12:57 PM   #9
cranky old dude
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The fence is up!

I've got about 1 1/2 days worth of staining and other tasks to do, and then........Ice Cream ride.

I'll post a bike/Ice Cream pic when the time finally arrives.
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Old 09-09-09, 06:00 PM   #10
gone ride'n
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I think your working too hard.
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