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    All difference in the world....

    Yesterday I had a rear spoke break, get caught up in the rear dérailleur and tear it away from the mount. It's a bummer, but replacing the dérailleur is not all that difficult (I think I may actually have an exact spare in the shed somewhere). Several years ago I had the same thing happen but the cost was significantly higher.

    What makes all the difference in the world? Yesterday I was riding my titanium bike. Several years ago I was riding my carbon fiber bike and the drive side chain stay cracked rendering the entire frame useless.

    Now I've got to figure out why I continue to break spoke on my 32 spoke Mavic Open Pros. Both spokes broke at the point of the first cross from the hub. Could the wheel be flexing enough to cause that much stress from spokes rubbing against one another?
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    I hear you about carbon vs Ti (or steel for that matter).

    Use a tensiometer to measure the spoke tension on the drive side. For a quality rim, the tension should be uniform (+/-10% or better) about the specification (except near the joint) when the wheel is true and round. The spoke tension spec. is determined by the rim.

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